Short track speed skating: China’s ‘ace’ to win gold medal

2022-07-22 0 By

China’s short track speed skating team is going all out to win its first gold medal at the Winter Olympics, with the mixed team relay set to decide the gold medal on Feb 5.This Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese short track speed skating team led by the “Mighty and Wu Combination” is known as the “trump card” of Chinese winter sports. What are the highlights of the next competition?Who will win the first gold medal in short track speed skating?Let’s wait and see.Reporters: Zhang Yang, Ma Yuanchi, Li Zhenyu, Zhao Shitong, Mai Linghan, Song Yuze, Luo Zhuojiacuo, Zhang Zhimin, Xu Bingjie, Wang Xuebing Editor: Mai Linghan, Luo Zhuojiacuo Xinhua Publicity Studio produced by Xinhua Audio and video Department