The return rush is here!

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On the occasion of the Spring Festival, we are here to send you our best wishes for the New Year: A Hehemumu, a happy year;Happy life, I go in peace;Spirit one hundred times every day, yueyue beaming;Year after year financial resources widely into, but peace and peace!Happy Year of the Tiger!I wish you a happy Spring Festival journey of thousands of miles since the beginning of today sail wide world today is the seventh day of the New Year holiday has come to an end whether you have been on the way back?We must pay attention to traffic safety after the increase of traffic flow, obey the laws and regulations, civilized travel let family less worry more peace of mind ~ F vehicle inspection to do a good job before the Spring Festival return trip, to do a good job of vehicle inspection, so as to keep the good state of the vehicle, but also to eliminate safety risks.01 Antifreeze If you travel from a warm place to a cold place, check the freezing point of the antifreeze.02 Engine belt Check the belt for cracks.03 Wiper Check whether the wiper blade is effective and whether the cleaning liquid is sufficient.04 oil to the place where the temperature difference is large, it is best to do a change of oil maintenance, into low temperature oil with better fluidity.Check the oil level if not necessary.If the headlights have been used for more than two years, it is best to replace them before departure;Horn check is more simple, click to listen to it.06 Tire first do tire pressure test, keep four tire pressure consistent.If the tire has reached the service life, it needs to be replaced in time.An experienced driver can estimate the thickness of a brake pad with a small flashlight.Once the brake pad wear serious must be replaced in time.Before returning to your destination, be sure to learn about the situation of the outbreak at your departure point and destination, pack essential daily necessities, and determine whether you need to stay at home after your trip.Start slowly in traffic.A fast start hurts the car and consumes fuel.Don’t empty pedal on the gas.Usually empty step on the accelerator a fuel consumption of about 6ml, the correct approach is to put the foot on the brake position.Keep your distance from the car.This can use less braking, both safe and fuel saving.Turn off the engine for too long in traffic.When the engine is idling, the vehicle also consumes fuel and increases exhaust pollution.Open the window when walking slowly.Low speed driving itself has cost oil, such as restarting the air conditioning compressor, and will consume additional engine power but more oil than open the window.The last few days of the holiday season are the peak period for return trips, which increases the risk of traffic accidents.Driving home, safety first, please fasten your seat belt, keep calm, do not overspeed, fatigue driving.At the same time, if there is an accident in the return high speed, do not panic, pull over, fast warning, evacuation, namely the alarm.Pull over During the return journey, if the vehicle has an accident or breakdown on the expressway, the driver should transfer the vehicle to the emergency lane, turn on the danger alarm flash and put a triangle warning sign 150 meters behind the vehicle to remind the rear vehicle.If indeed unable to move, the driver should also do the above safety warning measures.Evacuation vehicle accident or failure, regardless of whether the vehicle can move, drivers and passengers do not stay in the car, do not stay on the highway, should be the first time to evacuate to a safe area to wait for rescue, to ensure their own safety.That is, after the driver and passenger evacuate to the safe area, immediately call the police for help, waiting for the traffic police to come to deal with.I wish you all good health, happiness and success.In 2022, life is getting better and better.