This is a “nuclear facility”?absurdity

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8, Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing women’s big platform final Chinese player GuAiLing won the gold medal after the game, not only young GuAiLing become the focus of world attention, was born the glory of the venue, shou ski big platform also attracted the attention of foreign media player big thumb up shougang ski jumping “this is one of the coolest picture I have ever seen” after training,Gu Ailing expressed her love for shougang Ski Big jump. “The four shougang yuan cooling towers beside the shougang ski big jump fill the platform with a cool atmosphere, which is exactly the atmosphere needed for the ski big jump.” After winning the gold medal, Gu Ailing said that this was the best venue she had ever skied on.The gold medal!Besides Gu Ailing,There are many players at shougang ski jumping “praise” the freestyle skier, Alexander said shougang ski hall big platform “behind the” chimney “cool” American freestyle skier Nick GePo say “feels like” in the virtual world or the network game and foreign players lamenting the “this is one of the coolest picture I have ever seen” the international Olympic committee (ioc)President Bach also said shougang steel ski jump “amazing”, a spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee said in response to foreign media “nuclear facilities” rumors, ridiculous.However, after Gu won the gold medal, mark Andreessen, a well-known American entrepreneur, posted a picture of the shougang ski jump on his social media account, saying, “This picture makes me angry. We should also build a nuclear reactor next to the ski resort.” Later, some foreign media forwarded reports on this.Zhao Weidong, a spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee, responded today by calling the steel plant’s cooling tower a nuclear facility “totally ridiculous.”Zhao Weidong introduced shougang Ski big Jump in shougang Industrial Park is the first competition venue in the history of the Winter Olympics which is directly combined with the reuse of industrial heritage. It is also the first ski big jump in the world that is permanently retained and used.Shougang ski big platform adopts the intelligent snowmaking equipment can be adjusted according to the weather conditions appropriate water snowmaking team also regulates snowmaking time and schedule according to the weather condition the maximum to avoid waste of water resources in the process of making snow after the games events shougang ski big platform center will be open to the public turns into a sports theme park will also be at home and abroad to undertake large sports games such as source platform projectCCTV News