A feeling of Lu Xun’s “Sad Past”

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She looks like a lady, he looks like a man.Two people together happily love, very happy.An elopement is even more exciting.Regardless of other people’s advice and squint.Once you run out of money, you still want to make love.Now the young people are unworthy, let alone just from the feudal society freed from the 54 youth.The economic base determines the superstructure.Without a firm foundation, the house collapsed.If Zijun had accepted the arranged marriage arranged by her parents, she would not have died early.I am my own, and none of them has the right to interfere with me.She was tough when she said it, but she had to have money, not pawn her rings and earrings.In early 20th century China, women had few job opportunities and conditions.Unfortunately, Zijun doesn’t have a job either.No job, no income, no income, no economic independence, no independence, can only be attached to the man.Unfortunately, Juansheng is only a hired clerk.Once they’re kicked out of their jobs, the real world will beat the crap out of them.Just having new ideas can’t support your avant-garde life.It’s great to be in free love, to be able to love what I love.You can throw caution to the wind and release your youth hormones.But when the passion is consumed by family matters, the shit of life shakes out.If you don’t have enough to eat and clothes to wear, how can you love each other?I’m in danger of losing myself.So the man who swore to love each other for a lifetime became an unfaithful man, and the woman who wanted to stay with each other for a lifetime was forced to return to the family of her parents.Their own incompetence, free love and then cohabitation out of wedlock, just look beautiful, but in fact it is dangerous.In that fledgling society, not to say that the wisdom of the people was still in its infancy, such conduct was a challenge to public order and good customs, and directly attracted the envy and hatred of the world.In the end, the woman died for free love, and the man confessed alone, feeling life is empty, but also to win a fortune of romantic fame.Apparently the man didn’t lose out in this free love, but he was jealous, ostracized, and lost his job, which itself was just a chicken wing that made him unable to fly.The woman lost the whole game.People must live, love depends on.This is the wisdom that I remembered long ago when I first read this novel.What is living and what is living?Just not hungry or cold.As long as we do not sink, we have ideals in our hearts and hold high the banner of revolution, we will have the possibility of a prosperous life.Then love is not a trophy along with it!Men all think so, including juansheng.Zijun’s death is the reproach of his uncle, the derision of his neighbors, the contempt of the world, and the disillusionment of love.For Juan, it is regret, sadness, and liberation.So he could travel light and make a living.For the contemporary creator Lu Xun, it is a reality contrast.Lu Xun and his first wife, Zhu an, were also victims of arranged marriages.But Lu Xun did not dissolve his marriage with Zhu an all his life.The reason is that Zhu an is a weak woman, is to be Hugh like zijun will die.Lu Xun could not bear it, but he did not love Zhu ‘an.After all, he was just like any other progressive young man who thought arranged marriage was anachronistic and free love was fashionable in order to keep up with The Times.Therefore, Lu Xun and Xu Guangping were united by free love.The difference was that Lu Xun had the economic strength to make both Zhu an and Xu Guangping live a good life.Juansheng, on the other hand, was unable to support zijun.I think, in Lu Xun’s view, arranged marriage is not a crime, nor is free love.That’s pretty middle-of-the-road.Poverty is the original sin, past, present and future.