The secret to eradicating trouble, three ways to grow

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Eye closure can be resting to restore energy, close your ears can except vexed, silence can avoid disaster The first chapter of life, life, the disaster of mood and disease We live longer, there are so four people can live longer The first: heartless man can live longer The second: fog man can live longer The third: calm man can live longer Fourth: enlightened disease how can live longer?Some people worry, worry, care, hope…All kinds of mood are a lot, such a person is in line with a “patient” “suffering” word, the heart is always up, worry about children today, tomorrow with this person worried, angry with that person, with that worry, with that fear……This is ok, you are ready to be a patient!Peace of mind leads to longevity.The two fires add up to be the “inflammation” of the word “inflammation”, and the two fires change from the heart.A “person”, plus the right beating two points, is the heart of the heart, so a point to take the past, jump big, jump to the right, that is trouble, become the word fire, two fire a pile is “inflammation” of “inflammation”, that is inflamed inflammation.