In the spring, a bougainvillea tree can keep blooming all year round, and even a novice can raise a sea of flowers

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Bougainvillea is a common flower with green leaves, bright colors and many varieties. It is almost impossible to see the leaves after full bloom.Bougainvillea is particularly strong, even novice flower friends can also raise well, if you like to grow flowers, you can raise a bougainvillea in spring.Bougainvillea, as a kind of vines, growth is very strong, also look very nice, we can plant on the balcony, easy to prescribe a graze, like a warm environment, in the south, as long as the appropriate temperature, the four seasons can blossom, but also special robustness, strong disease resistance, you don’t have to worry about will appear the situation of the plant diseases and insect pests,Ideal for beginners and lazy people.Bougainvillea usually don’t need to care, the price is not expensive, like warm and moist environment, the general temperature below 10 degrees Celsius will need to be heat preservation measures, so as to avoid plant frostbite, serious influence the growth of plants, maintenance of bougainvillea needs regular pruning, did not cut off the branches, so that we can well promote the growth of lateral buds,And flowering will be more and more, the flowering period is super long, single flowers can open half a month or so.Bougainvillea itself is very drought-tolerant, the demand for water is not very large, we do not frequently water, if too much water, the plant is very prone to water rotted roots, generally dry pot soil can be watered again, before flowering can strictly control the water, conducive to the differentiation of flower buds.The growth of the strong, the demand for nutrients is very big, so we must have sufficient nutrients, when the spring can bury some sheep manure, earthworm manure and other organic fertilizer in the flower pot, can promote the growth of flower buds.Add some phosphorus and potash fertilizer before flowering, and more and more flowers will bloom.Bougangvillea is a very leathery flower, is not afraid of the sun, so we do not have to worry about bougangvillea will be sunburned, even if it is 40 degrees Celsius high temperature environment is still vibrant, look very good.After the failure of flowers, we need to remember to prune the residual flowers, which can reduce nutrient consumption, promote the growth of side buds, and flower more.Today xiaobian to share with you this kind of easy to raise and good-looking flowers, ornamental value is very high, even novice flower friends can also raise good, vibrant, like flower friends can try, have you raised?