On February 11th Australia accused China of interfering in its internal affairs;India has announced a ban on imports of Chinese drones

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As we all know, western countries have a bad habit of measuring others by their own bushel and thinking that all countries are like them.In the past decades, Western countries led by the United States have frequently interfered in China’s internal affairs, especially in recent years, they have repeatedly interfered in issues involving Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.However, it is ridiculous that we are clearly the victims, but for no reason, Australia has been labeled as “interference in internal affairs” black hat, really make people angry and funny.Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said he has evidence that China has decided to support Labor Party leader David Albanese in Australia’s upcoming election, media reported On February 11.These are very serious allegations, but Mr Dutton produced no actual evidence to back up his claims, falsely claiming that he was saying what the Chinese were thinking and that there was “no problem” because he was acting as defence secretary.This is the current situation of western politicians. When they smear us, they never pay attention to facts, but demand that we present evidence to prove our innocence. It is outrageous and shameless.The Labor Party, the largest opposition party in Australia, has repeatedly criticized the Morrison government’s China policy and stressed that it should improve relations with China as soon as possible, which is obviously in conflict with Canberra’s current approach. More importantly, labor’s support is steadily rising.That said, if Mr Morrison does not act, this year’s election could be a landslide, handing power to Labor.In order to avoid the above situation, the Australian ruling party has used all kinds of means to discredit its opponents. Now it is making rumors that we are siding with the Labor Party in the country’s general election, just to create an illusion of “internal and external collusion”, so as to achieve the purpose of killing two birds with one stone.What the Australian government is doing at the moment is nothing more than a desperate struggle. If it loses the trust of the public, no amount of low-level means will make any difference. Morrison has made a mess of both domestic and foreign affairs during his years in office, and his downfall will be inevitable.It is worth mentioning that apart from Australia, our neighbor India is also planning an outrageous plan.India has announced that it will ban the import of all foreign drones except parts, media reported Thursday.The move is aimed at promoting so-called ‘Make in India’, an aviation official said, adding that it is a good time to invest in the Indian drone industry.New Delhi, however, has left a big gap in the ban, which will exempt drones for research, defence and security purposes and allow them to continue to be imported with a permit.In other words, only civilian drones are banned in India. Military drones are not affected.China is the number one country in civilian drones, so it is obvious who they are targeting.Bloomberg noted, for example, that the Modi government is concerned about chinese-made drones “passing sensitive data” to Chinese intelligence agencies, according to sources familiar with the matter.Since 2017, Pakistan has repeatedly shot down Drones from India in border conflicts with the latter, and a significant number of them came from a well-known Chinese civilian drone brand.This means that India, like the US, talks about boycotting Chinese products, but secretly uses them well.New Delhi, however, has gone one step further than Washington, planning a blanket ban on all foreign civilian drones.But India also doesn’t want to think, when did “Make in India” ever count?Don’t use Chinese goods, expect that pile of “garbage” made in China, be careful it will bring serious losses.For more exciting content, follow Tian Liu Talk