At the end of the year, Putuo here is another “red” love Shen live warm heart spring

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At the end of the year, the Putuo District Women’s Federation and the Elite Public welfare Alliance jointly held the “elite send warm women’s spirit” activity.In the activity, an eight-year-old red-flag bearer who has been over 70 years old taught xu Qiaoyue, a partner of Pushiwanlian Law Firm, to the visiting elite member, “Young people should ‘talk less and do more’ in their work. If they are diligent and practical, they will surely gain.We used to work in three shifts, and I didn’t have any other advantages, except that I was down-to-earth when WORKING and had high production efficiency, so I was later awarded the Title of march eighth red Flag bearer.”Plain language contains profound life philosophy.At the end of 2021, putuo District Women’s Federation organized 20 advanced elderly women in the area and some elite members to carry out the activity of “elite delivers warm spirit to women”.A group of female entrepreneurs and female talents from all walks of life in Putuo uphold the alliance’s concept of “staying true to the original mission and practicing public welfare responsibility”, taking the joint Party building as the starting point, and coordinating the party building and league building activities of enterprises during the New Year’s Day and The Spring Festival. They visited and visited the advanced women while learning and inheriting the spirit of women.Women like red, transfer “her power” to listen to the story of women, follow the pace of advanced.”Warm” and “touched” were the most popular words in this activity.In the 1970s and 1980s, when China was facing rapid development, the march eighth Pacesetters at all levels worked hard and led the way, creating miracles of sound and rapid development out of thin air.In the first half of life, these advanced women with their own a person’s fluorescent spark, lit up putuo’s female spirit of the “sky full of stars”, and now about those simple truth.At the event, Aunt Dai, who is 88 years old this year, was also happy to care about young people’s working conditions: “You should be happy about your work, so that you can do well…Everyone has different abilities, and what we value in doing something is not the result, but the process.”In her opinion, the work atmosphere is contagious, optimistic work attitude is the biggest source of motivation.Looking back on the interview experience, Ping Sun, general manager of Elite Technology, was very moved: “What impressed me most was that one of the women said, ‘The people are right. Our job is to serve them and make them satisfied’.”Liu Jinling, CEO of Yanhua Intelligent Technology, said, “We are deeply touched by the stories of our parents, and we should learn from the efforts of the older advanced generation.We can see from them the spirit of ‘one person lighting a circle of people, one person leading a group of people’. As female entrepreneurs in the new era, we should inherit and carry forward this spirit.””How are you doing?Is there anything we can do to help…”A greeting, full of advanced love and care for women;A visit shows the feelings and responsibilities of elite members vividly.”I’m satisfied with my life now!”This is the most frequently repeated answer at the scene of condolence.Although women live in different streets and neighborhoods, they share the same open-minded attitude toward life.Fei Ruifang, partner of Fei Yinjian Studio, said, “This is an opportunity to learn from our idols on the spot. I only read about Liang Huili in the New Putuo newspaper before. This exchange made me find that they have the optimism and vitality that we need to learn from them.”Their experience also moved Qiu Xiang, vice President of Elite and General manager of Fuqin Home Textile: “Public welfare is the embodiment of corporate cohesion.I hope that if there is an opportunity in the future, I can invite old women to the elite, to our enterprises or women’s organizations, so that they can share their experience with more people, so as to move and drive a group of people.”For the older women, through face-to-face communication between the two generations, they can impart life experience and insight to the younger generation.However, for elite female entrepreneurs and female talents, it is a process of bravely undertaking the mission of The Times.Putuo district elite hui women talents in the new era, will also promote the spirit of “on” women, toward the write good staff, good two music, hand in hand with zero distance, total drawing concentric circles “goals, go all out booster putuo high quality development, to build” concentric home “work sharing, mutual written” city, better life “a new chapter.Click below to learn more about the list of COVID-19 vaccination sites during and after the Spring Festival in Putuo District, Yufo Buddhist Temple and Zhenru Temple.Will the weather be good in Shanghai during the Spring Festival holiday?Putuo “blue friends” for you “shousui”, the sense of security overflowing!Thank you for not going home for the Spring Festival!