Mr. Yang, 26, earns more than 10,000 yuan a month as a live-in nanny in the city

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Guide language: The development of The Times with each passing day.China is no longer that poor and backward country.Nowadays material development is more and more prosperous.People’s life is getting better and better.People’s needs shifted from affordable food to better quality of life.Under the change of people’s demand, many new industries have been derived.The nanny industry is one of them.Nannies are paid to bring convenience to thousands of employers.It’s the best of both worlds.Many young people from rural areas have also spotted the opportunity and flocked to cities to work as nannies.Mr. Yang, 26, is no exception.He has lived in the country since he was a child.Because I have to take care of my parents who are seriously ill, I have not been working outside.You don’t make much money all year round.But every day, the family is together for each other.Is also very happy happiness!But as the children grew older, the financial burden became heavier and heavier.The wife worries at home every day.Mr. Yang decided to go out into the city.See if we can make some money.But after really entering the city, everywhere apply for a job are rejected.Despondent, he prepared to return home.I didn’t expect to see another housekeeping company looking for live-in nannies.He plucked up the courage to apply.I didn’t expect the housekeeping company to hire him.The whole family was so happy for him.Thought his salary was too high to live on.But he didn’t work long before he couldn’t stand it.He called his wife every day and told her he wanted to quit.What’s going on here?Let’s listen to What Mr Yang says.I was born from a lower starting point than others.Others may be born with a silver spoon in their mouth.But I was born in a poor mountain village.Weak and ill since childhood, the family in order to give me treatment spent all savings.At that time the rural economy had not developed.Every family farmed and worked in the fields.The income is just enough for food and clothing.My parents are weak and often ill.The family earn little too little, life is especially hard up.I also have a sister, she went out to work early.Later, when she got married and had children, her husband was not good to her.My sister said she regretted not going to school in her life.So she wanted me to go to college for whatever she paid.But I didn’t live up to her expectations.My grades were so bad that I was at the bottom of my class.I feel like I’m wasting my money going to school.I dropped out of school against everyone’s wishes.As I was too young, I could only help with farm work at home.I always thought study was the hardest thing at that time.I didn’t expect life to be much harder than study.I have to get up before dawn.Then it was dark.When I came back in the evening, MY back was sore and I couldn’t sleep on the bed.Day after day, my skin grew darker and my hands grew coarser.At marriage age, not a single girl in the village liked me.My parents were so anxious, they asked people to match me up.He also borrowed money from relatives to collect a bride price.Finally I found a girl.The girl, though not pretty, was a little dark and short.But fortunately, he is very virtuous and quick.My parents are in poor health and need constant care.I never went out to work.Then a child was born, and the financial burden on the family became even heavier.No amount of farm work I could do could support a large family.Every day, the wife grimaced that life could not go on.I can’t stand my wife’s nagging every day, and I see my neighbor making a lot of money back from the city.I asked my wife to take care of the house, and I took the train to the city.I’m eager to get ahead in the big city.But pretty soon, reality hit me in the face.I have no education and no technology.None of the companies wanted me.I was disheartened and ready to go home.Just happened to meet a housekeeping company in the recruitment.I thought I’d give it a try anyway.I can’t believe I got the job.My employer is a 71-year-old woman.She is old and her hearing and memory are not very good.Her son is busy with his company affairs all day long.There’s no time or energy to take care of him.So he paid for a live-in nanny to look after him.My daily tasks are very simple.I just need to make three meals a day and clean the house every morning and evening.Her son said if I took good care of the old lady, I wouldn’t be mistreated.So I worked very seriously and responsibly.Every day diligently prepare three meals a day, and remind the old lady to drink medicine on time.When the old lady was in a bad mood, I would tell some jokes to cheer her up.One day her son was on a video call with the old lady.Her son saw the old lady in better spirits.He spoke more clearly.Her son raised my salary to $8,000 on the spot.I’m tickled pink for such a high salary.My wife is very proud of me, too.With the incentive of my salary, I took better care of the old lady every day.I would take her for walks and give her massages.But a month later, the old lady was completely different.She doesn’t remember who I am.I couldn’t explain it to her.She also suspected me of being a thief and hit me hard.I thought she was old. She didn’t fight back.I complained to her son.Her son said the old lady was not thinking clearly.Got rid of a couple of nannies.Let me put up with the old lady.To compensate me, he raised his salary to $10,000.The salary made me swallow it.But it wasn’t long before the old lady had another accident.She insisted on running out at night.Crying and screaming about looking for his son.I called her son to answer the phone.She looked confused again.Locked her in her bedroom, she still tried to get out.I really don’t know how to take care of old ladies anymore.The work itself is not tiring.Is the mental pressure is particularly high.I call my wife every day and tell her I want to quit.My wife won’t let me quit.Everybody net friends give an idea to me!