2022 day knife hand game zero krypton play what kind of school

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Recommended to play with flowers.Moving flowers is both output and healing occupation, can attack and defend, has quite good output, can go output and healing two directions, in the copy is very popular occupation, can switch according to the copy team configuration.High intensity is very comprehensive, is a good class for non-gold players.In The game, this character is also called “Shabao Wei”. Shenwei has the most bullying skills in tiandao mobile games. Moreover, there are many tricks in skill combination, and Shenwei has a high resistance to bullying in PVP, which makes Shenwei have certain operating space in PVP.Tianya Mingyue Knife this game can be hailed as one of the most popular online games because: first, the screen and background music are the best in the same kind of games.Second, the game’s backstory is based on a popular novel.Tianya Mingyue knife OL the background story of this game is based on the novel of the same name tianya Mingyue knife, it can be said that the novel itself is a very hot novel.Third, the operation difficulty of the game is more suitable for the general audience.Game difficulty is easy to use, difficult to master the difficulty of operation.