Enjoy the world of ice and snow in winter with this winter driving guide

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If the hottest topic these days, it must be the word “ice”.The 2022 Winter Olympic Games are in full bloom. As the host country, it not only shows The Chinese culture to the world again, but also ignites the interest and love of many people for ice and snow sports.That in the winter snow and ice driving should have what matters for attention, xiaobian to share with you.Check the car condition before travel as a preparation for travel, the most important thing is to check the overall vehicle, the first is to ensure that the tire pressure, the normal vehicle oil, who do not want to appear in the snow in the situation of vehicle breakdown.But the new AX7 Mach version will make this a lot easier, as it has 5G connected vehicles and WindLink6.0 ai vehicle-machine systems that can remotely preheat the vehicle to peak working condition before departure, which greatly reduces pre-trip inspection time.Now all it takes is loading and unloading ski gear and drinking water and food on the road.Another point to pay attention to is that after the vehicle heats up, it will attract many small animals, such as stray cats, they will hide under the car near the engine to warm up, so we must check thoroughly before driving, do not hurt these small animals.1. Set up the driving mode suitable for snow and ice weather travel after the completion of the vehicle inspection, into the driving link, driving in winter because of snow and ice on the road, the tire grip decreased.Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to open the snow driving mode. If you are an old driver who is very confident about your driving skills, you can customize your own driving mode according to the customized Settings of the vehicle.The new AX7 Mach can be customised to set multiple driving parameters.2. Prolonged braking on ice and snow road, we need to pay attention to what is the most likely danger in winter is rear-end collision, which is caused by the increase of braking distance caused by ice on the road in ice and snow weather.In the past, it was necessary for drivers to make decisions to avoid risks, such as early lane change, early braking, and low speed. Without several years of driving experience, it was difficult to drive in snow and ice road conditions.But those experiences are now history, with cars now equipped with state-of-the-art driving modes, active and passive safety and warning features.State-of-the-art vehicle stabilization systems, collision warning, and more advanced automatic braking technologies help drivers make judgments and take measures to avoid risks even before they do.The new AX7 Mach, for example, will make driving on icy roads a lot easier.3. When encountering bad roads, why can some cars pass and others can’t? When encountering extreme weather, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle has enough power, which is mainly the torque release under low speed, so it is particularly important to choose a turbocharged engine model equipped with large torque.The new AX7 Mach version is equipped with a Mach 1.5T engine and a Getrac wet dual clutch transmission with a 7DCT300 power combination. This engine has a maximum torque of 300N·m, already matching the torque of a 3.0L self-priming engine, while using less than half the fuel consumption of the latter.In addition, the intelligent ECU can be set to a variety of driving modes, which can be set to snow escape mode, so as to greatly enhance the performance of snow and ice road conditions.4. The choice of models may be many people think of snow and ice driving, will associate with hard off-road, carrying type body, full time four-wheel drive and so on.But a car that can be driven all year round is needed to meet all the needs of daily work and life travel, so the new AX7 Mach is the perfect choice for both snowy driving, commuting, and the occasional winter outing on icy roads.After all, snow and ice road driving is only occasionally, or to consider the vast majority of the time car demand.It is not difficult to find that most of the traffic accidents happen on the expressway. Besides the fast speed, the more important thing is that the driving distance close to the straight line will make the driver easily feel tired.So in the past, drivers who ran long distances hoped to have someone in the passenger seat to chat with them, in order to ease the fatigue of driving.The new AX7 Mach version is equipped with WindLink6.0 artificial intelligence vehicle, which can observe the speed of the vehicle in real time, obstacles in front of it, and whether it is driving in the lane, etc. Once it is found to deviate or have hidden dangers, it will alarm you in the first time. If you do not make a timely response, the vehicle will help you slow down until the brake.It will also help you pull vehicles out of the lane and back into the normal lane, saving you a lot of energy on long drives.6. Cold hands frozen finally is you must launch vehicle before winter departs, open interior heating function, in addition to give the vehicle preheating, can also be in the car when they enjoy the comfortable temperature, a new version AX7 Mach 5 g of the vehicle network system, can do all the preparation work well in advance before we start.But don’t worry if you’re on an impromptu trip, it’s also equipped with an engine thermal efficiency management system that can provide heat in a fraction of the time.It is also worth mentioning that, in addition to high thermal efficiency, the new AX7 Mach version also has the main driver seat ventilation, heating, electric waist support, as well as the long drive favorite seat massage function, can save a lot of long drive energy consumption.Said so many snow and ice road conditions driving precautions, finally to remind everyone to pay attention to, the first important winter driving is to pay attention to the speed, and look at the weather forecast in advance, because some extreme weather will happen a lot of accidents, so we must pay attention to safety.