The Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute delivered four AR500B uAVs to the Ministry of Emergency Management

2022-07-30 0 By

Recently, the forest floating air communication relay platform subsystem developed by tianjin Port Free Trade Area Enterprise Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute passed the acceptance evaluation in Beijing, and the four AR500B unmanned helicopters independently developed by the institute were also delivered to the Ministry of Emergency Management, PRC.The delivery, marking the aviation industry helicopter unmanned helicopter officially included in the national emergency rescue equipment system, will greatly improve the emergency rescue team’s communications, reconnaissance capabilities, effectively improve the emergency rescue coverage accuracy and command efficiency.The “last Kilometer” forest floating communication relay platform is the first large-scale uav system procurement project since the establishment of the Ministry of Emergency Management, and also the first time unmanned helicopter products of the Aviation industry Helicopter Institute enter the field of emergency management.The system consists of unmanned helicopter and ground control car, transportation, security, fire reconnaissance, ranging and location and ultrashort wave voice relay, communications and other tasks, solve in the process of forest fire suppression “can’t hear, can’t see”, through the fire command communication link “last one kilometer”, meet the unified deployment, level control, rapid mobility, directly to the end of the command.No one important equipment as we have learned, independent research and development by the aviation industry helicopter AR500B unmanned helicopter automatic take-off and landing, automatic route, online flight mission planning and so on intelligence ability, and long-endurance, big load, strong adaptability to environment etc, is greater than a radius of 100 km, maximum 8 hours battery life, ceiling of 5000 meters.The two sets of forest floating and aerial communication relay platforms (each containing two AR500B unmanned helicopters) delivered to the Ministry of Emergency Management will be handed over to Heilongjiang Forest Fire Brigade and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forest Fire Brigade respectively, becoming important unmanned equipment to protect the Greater Hinggan Mountains forest region.As China actively promotes the emergency management system and capacity building, unmanned helicopter with excellent performance in emergency communication, search and rescue, material delivery, disaster assessment and other aspects, gradually become one of the important technical equipment in the field of aviation emergency management.Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute will continue to improve the helicopter research and development system with independent innovation ability, and accumulate strength for building an aviation power while boosting the comprehensive and rapid development of tianjin Port bonded area aviation industry.