Actress, 31, confirms diagnosisShe contracted the disease during her wedding with her foreign boyfriend, but fortunately the symptoms were mild

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On February 4, TVB actress Zhang Xiwen revealed that she had been diagnosed abroad, which shocked the world.Zhang Xiwen, 31, participated in the Miss Chinese American beauty contest after graduating from university. With her high appearance level, she defeated many rivals and won the championship.After the competition, she won TVB’s support, in a number of TV plays as the heroine, the development is quite smooth.However, since the big change at the top of TVB, tsang chi-wai became the general manager, her work has been in a total shutdown, has not made a new film for a long time.Zhang Xiwen seems to have nothing to do with her boyfriend Mark Brunjes.It is reported that her boyfriend once served as vice president of a large group, and is now the boss of his own company.Two people have been dating for many years, the feeling is very stable, Zhang Xiwen not only moved to her boyfriend’s home life, but also met her boyfriend’s parents, married to the rich is just around the corner.Before, Zhang Xiwen followed her boyfriend to attend a wedding abroad, during which she actually contracted the disease.She said she tested positive, but luckily she had two injections beforehand, so her symptoms were mild and no one around her was infected by her.But she doesn’t know exactly where or from whom she got it.To be on the safe side, she will not pay New Year calls during the Spring Festival.We will miss a lot of red envelopes, but it is still a very serious time and we must remain vigilant.Finally, she wished everyone safety and good health.In fact, over the past two months, more than one TVB artist has revealed that he was diagnosed abroad.Host Lin Zibo since the death of his wife, with a pair of children emigrated abroad.After the difficult adaptation period, the family’s life got on the right track. However, he was diagnosed and showed symptoms such as high fever and body aches.He also transmitted the disease to his son while in quarantine at home.Fortunately, my son had a fast metabolism and recovered quickly. He was older and recovered more slowly.Hong Kong sister Lam Wing – han moved abroad for many years after retiring from acting, she also unfortunately diagnosed.She had a sore throat, no cough, and a hoarse voice. It went away quickly, and she felt like a common cold.She also revealed that 90 percent of her friends had contracted the disease and told them not to worry.Hong Kong male champion Lee Chin keung, last month, he revealed that he was diagnosed abroad.He revealed that he fell ill after playing badminton with his friends.Although he didn’t have a fever, his throat was so sore that he couldn’t sleep.After several days of rest and the old mother’s care, he slowly recovered.However, his friend was not so lucky. After his diagnosis, his friend had a persistent fever and died 2 weeks later. He was really sad.As Zhang Xiwen said, now is still a very serious period, we must always remain vigilant, not to take it lightly