The compensation for accidents occurred without strong insurance

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Yongchezhizhu2019 editor in dealing with some netizens consultation, found a lot of problems, most people have misunderstandings or misunderstandings about these problems, for example, if there is no insurance to pay for strong insurance, only according to the proportion of liability compensation;There is no collision of traffic accidents, and the other party certainly has nothing to do with no liability;The other party drank alcohol, the accident must be the other party…These ideas are basically an assumption made by the parties themselves. In many cases, there is no legal basis at all, let alone specific reasons.In this article, the editor reexplains the compensation problem of accidents occurred without compulsory insurance in order to correct some people’s wrong understanding. As for the specific compensation, we can see the historical article “If there is no compulsory insurance but only commercial insurance, how to settle the claim?”.If the accident of the motor vehicle, not insured strong insurance, part of the owners think, strong insurance does not keep what relationship, I can not make up the big deal?But the truth is, it’s not that simple.If the motor vehicle is not insured by the statutory compulsory traffic insurance, once the accident occurs, the driver will have to bear the part of the loss that should be borne by the compulsory traffic insurance.Say so, there may be some people who can’t understand, so the editor will explain it in the form of cases.If produce the traffic accident that involves A person to hurt, vehicle A and vehicle B, both are same responsibility responsibility, if A car is not cast cast make strong danger.Among them, people on car A need 250,000 yuan for medical expenses, disability compensation and other expenses, and vehicle loss 80,000 yuan;The loss of medical expenses and disability compensation for people on car B is 300,000 yuan, and the loss of the car is 100,000 yuan.Some people think that A car is not insured against strong insurance, commercial insurance 500,000, with responsibility responsibility, the compensation amount is half of the total amount, that is, 25+8+30+10= half of 730,000 is 365,000, they have 500,000 commercial insurance, basically do not have their own pockets, or tao will not be much.But in fact, be not such, according to make strong danger byeleuk sets, compensation is to have sequential order, make strong danger first, again commercial danger.This means that if the insurance is not covered, the part of the compensation should be deducted.Therefore, the actual compensation formula is (30-19.8) + (10-0.2) + (25-19.8) + (8-0.2) = 330,000 yuan, of which half, i.e., half of 33 is 165,000 yuan, which is partially borne by commercial insurance.That is to say, A vehicle can only compensate 165,000 yuan from the insurance company of commercial insurance, and the other 200,000 yuan is unable to compensate, that is, the compensation part of the limit of 200,000 yuan of compulsory insurance should be borne by the driver of A car.These, it is the misunderstanding of cognition of a few people, so, make strong insurance must be cast, because this is legal, if did not cast, follow up by the party oneself admit the compensation responsibility that should have made strong insurance to assume originally.Additional, give an example again special circumstance, did not cast cast make strong danger to cause death of the other side namely, and did not cast cast the motor vehicle that makes strong danger to be without responsibility party, average person can think, since he is without responsibility, do not need to assume any compensation responsibility.But the fact is, make strong danger to have the regulation that responsibility compensates for, with respect to this circumstance, need to compensate another party without responsibility 18 thousand loss, if do not protect make strong danger, this 18 thousand yuan is about party oneself to assume, what assume is to make strong danger without responsibility compensates for amount.Sum up, what traffic accident compensates to follow is, make the principle of commercial danger after strong danger first, so, if do not cast cast make strong danger, the party needs oneself to assume the loss that should make strong danger compensates for part originally.Yong said car insurance: only say insurance, do not sell insurance, answer questions, serve the public.Please pay attention and consult!