Big foreign aid is expected to join the super free!South America is an active international player, guoan Shenhua into a potential next

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In professional football leagues, it is not uncommon for players to transfer and then return to their home teams, as is the case in our Chinese Super League.Although the Chinese Super League (CSL) has fallen into an unprecedented trough after the bursting of the jinyuan football bubble, it is still very attractive to many former foreign players.Therefore, with the opening of the Chinese Super League winter transfer window, many foreign players have joined the Chinese Super League recently.One of the players, whose name is familiar to Chinese fans, is Oscar Romero, a Paraguayan international who played in the 2018-19 season for the Chinese Super League’s veteran Shanghai Shenhua.Shanghai Shenhua acquired romero, 25, from Atletico in the Chinese League for $9 million during the 2017 season.However, because shenhua team at that time foreign aid registered quota has been used up.So they loaned romero to La Liga side Alaves.In early 2018, Romero officially joined Shanghai Shenhua.As a South American player, Romero’s dribbling skills and footwork are quite outstanding, the ability to break through the side, the nose in front of the goal is also very sensitive.In his official debut for Shenhua in the Chinese Super League, Romero scored in the 1-1 draw with Changchun Yatai.Romero has scored four goals and provided eight assists in 17 CSL games this season.At the time, he was considered by many to be Moreno’s successor.Romero, however, was so obsessed with his dribbling ability that he often failed to connect with his teammates, often making mistakes on the field.So, although Romero has a lot of talent in attacking, but he never really fit into shenhua’s tactical system.In the 2019 season, Shenhua, struggling to avoid relegation, had a new manager, Choi Kang-hee, and Romero soon lost his place in the team and was dropped by Shenhua in the middle of the league.After leaving Shenhua, Romero joined SAN Lorenzo in a free body.Romero’s contract expired last August and the club did not renew it.Since then, Romero has not found a new job for himself, has been unemployed.According to Brazilian sports media, romero has received offers from at least three clubs, one of which is from the Chinese Super League.Born in 1992, Romero is not yet 30, the prime age for a professional footballer.Romero has not played an official game for nearly half a year, but as an active Paraguayan international, Romero is more than capable of playing in the Chinese Super League.As we all know, according to the REGULATIONS of the FOOTBALL Association, the investment cap of CSL clubs in the new season is 300 million yuan.Romero is now a free agent and does not cost a penny to acquire, which is undoubtedly a good fit for the drastically reduced Chinese Super League clubs.From the current situation of the Chinese Super League, there are not many clubs that still have enough funds and need new offensive foreign aid.Shanghai Shenhua, without Moreno, and Beijing Guo ‘an, with only one foreign player left, are likely to be the clubs making offers for Romero.It remains to be seen whether Romero will return to the Chinese Super League, and whether he will join Shanghai Shenhua or Beijing Guoan, who will start rebuilding in the new season.