Don’t take advantage of Zhang Yimou’s busy Winter Olympics to bully sniper.

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When zhang Yimou talked about the design concept of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, he emphasized the phrase “autumn in one leaf”.He said our Chinese aesthetic concept has always been like this, from a smallest, most detailed point of view, to see the whole world.So it was with the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and so it was with his current hit film, Sniper.Throughout the war, there were too many fierce battles, too many great heroes, and too many tragic and stirring deeds.With Zhang Yimou’s ability and status, it is not difficult for him to make big productions, big scenes and luxurious star casts.Instead, the hard part is how to simplify at his current height.”Sniper” is undoubtedly such a work.It’s a lean 96 minutes.It’s a simple scene, just two snow-covered hills.The story is simple, depicting only a small-scale sniper battle.The cast of actors is simple, almost all the use of new, the most famous zhang Yi, or he “begging white” grinding Zhang Yimou, just successful guest.The lack of big-name actors and streaming stars made the film unpopular with theaters in its early days, with few screenings.Many cities have only two shows a day, midnight and morning at the worst times.Zhang Yimou, who has been busy preparing for the Winter Olympics, could only say with a wry smile, “It’s too sad to arrange films.”He didn’t have time to do much marketing and promotion for the film, so he took the opportunity of an interview and posted an online plea to theater managers for more screenings of “Sniper” and “not so much in the wee hours and the middle of the night.”Happily, from the beginning of the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, “Sniper” screen volume gradually increased, daytime shows also began to increase.And this, is not zhang Yimou beg, is pure rely on audience word of mouth to earn!Since its release, the film has ranked first in the Spring Festival season with a score of 7.7 on Douban.It has been six days since its release. You may see spontaneous comments like “Sniper is good!Show me!”What’s good about it?The good thing is that it’s easy and it’s not easy.The simple place we just said, so now to talk about it is not simple.First of all, the enemies in the movie are not simple.In the past our war films have always seemed to highlight ourselves by dwarfing the enemy.It’s easy to fool children who don’t know history into thinking that our victory was easy. Look at the stupidity of the enemy.Sniper respects the intelligence and abilities of its enemies.The us elite sniper squad is no better at shooting than our Sniper Squad 5, and in this battle, every little slip on both sides is the result of the same fatal shot.This is the cruelty of sniper warfare.In particular, the enemy will plot more thieves, a beginning of our sniper five class was calculated, and this trap, but also had to enter.So when you watch the movie, you will feel anxious for our soldiers.Secondly, the new actors in the film are not easy.The sniper class 5 is selected by Zhang Yimou from the video materials of all the male students from the first year to the fourth year in Beijing Film, China Drama and Shanghai Drama, in order to be close to the role image.In the huge audition, Zhang Yimou insisted “to be fair, do not miss, do not have the hatred of the beads.”The selection is finished, Zhang Yimou undertakes the enclosed military training for a period of half a year to these new appointee again, physical fitness, combat, shooting…It is this screening and training that makes us feel no drama during the movie.Looking at the young faces on the screen, those sincere, shining eyes, you can believe that they are the volunteers who spilled their blood on the Korean battlefield.The biggest difference is that the film does not boast, preach or even sensationalize, but it directly answers a question in the heart of many young audiences: since the INTELLIGENCE and ability of the American army are online, and the equipment is so much ahead of us, how on earth did we win?Yes, our equipment is worse than the screenings of Sniper.We don’t even have a scope on our sniper rifles, and what our snipers use to see what’s going on is a big spoon of cooking, and that’s it, and it’s kept like a treasure.There is only one telescope for the whole class, which belongs to the squad leader.Our soldiers in tears with the monitor said: “the devil has everything!Telescopes of all kinds, scopes of all kinds, cannons, planes, tanks……We have nothing!”The monitor said, “Who says we have nothing?I’m still here!Your baby is still there!Class five is still here!”Faith, the spirit of not fearing death, these things are very weak, but on the battlefield, it may be so strong.There is a touching scene in the film. There are only three soldiers left in Class 5, but they lean on each other, Shouting and singing “Manly, high spirited, cross the Yalu River” over and over again, hoping to make the dying scout shine and stay alive with their songs.At the same time, the same few people left the US army sniper team in a big fight.The moment I walked out of the cinema after watching Sniper, the sun was shining and the street was full of lively Spring Festival atmosphere. I suddenly felt very grateful.The look and feel of a war movie should not make you feel like war is really exciting, but like Sniper, it should make you feel good to be alive and good to be at peace.# Movie Snipers