Loss of Chinese scientists!As Silicon Valley loses its edge in ARTIFICIAL intelligence, White House reflects on discrimination against the yellow Race

2022-08-04 0 By

According to a report by Itar-Tass news agency on February 17, the US has launched an action plan since 2018 to incite domestic hatred against Ethnic Chinese, with the reason of avoiding the loss of TECHNOLOGY and intellectual property rights in the US.As a direct result of this action, a large number of Chinese scientists were lost, which affected the leading position of the US in the field of science and technology.Silicon Valley is losing its edge in artificial intelligence, and the White House has recently reconsidered discriminating against the yellow race.Biden’s team is trying to review the policy implemented under The Trump administration in hopes of winning over some Chinese-American scientists.The US Justice Department is conducting a review that could review Trump-era policies aimed at Targeting Chinese spies and intellectual property theft.Russian experts believe that the US has nothing to do with the so-called espionage and intellectual property rights, but the US is using the plan to incite internal hatred against The Chinese.Biden saw the bad consequences of this policy. The ALLEGED spies were not caught by the US side, and the charges against Chinese scientists were fraud and false statements. Many Chinese scientists believed that they were ostracized and unfairly treated in the US society, and many chose to leave the US.The loss of a large number of Chinese American scientists has brought some scientific research fields of the United States to a standstill, or even gradually lost its advantages, and some fields have been overtaken and surpassed by China.Competition in artificial intelligence is fierce, and Silicon Valley is losing its edge in the field.For the United States, if AI can be applied on a large scale, such as in industrial production, it can replace human labor and make American products more competitive at a higher price. The same is true for China.At present, The development of China in the field of ARTIFICIAL intelligence is very fast, in reality, has gone ahead of the United States.One of the key reasons is brain drain. Experts in artificial intelligence of Chinese origin find that their work may be monitored and their research projects may not receive sufficient funding. Some Chinese scientists choose to return to China for development, which also plays a big role in promoting China’s development in artificial intelligence.In recent years, the US has arrested many Chinese scientists.Wang Qing, a biologist, was arrested on charges of fraud.Nanotechnology expert Hu Anming was also arrested, again in connection with the alleged espionage charges, and both men were eventually acquitted.There are many similar cases. The US side has not found anything, but such actions have obviously hurt the feelings of many Chinese scientists.Serious consequences have emerged, and Biden’s team has begun to review some of the previous policies. They hope that by doing so, they can cancel the policies implemented before and win back some Chinese scientists.Some in the White House admit that they should treat the yellow people better, or at least not discriminate against them, because they have contributed so much to America’s technological development.The OPENNESS and inclusiveness of the US has attracted many outstanding talents from around the world. Many Chinese scientists have come to work and live in the US and made great contributions to its scientific and technological development and social progress.But in recent years, the American society has become more and more unfriendly to Chinese americans, who are not only unable to secure their jobs, but even face imprisonment.Some people could not bear such life and chose to leave the United States and return to their own countries.