Qingming festival tears fly, dream vaguely call child rules

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art qingming festival tears fly, the dream vaguely call ziji, difficult to do acacia tens of millions of wisps, the soul to a place I do not know back.Night stop dream feel rain rain, tears wet blue unlined upper garment can not bear to fly, wanli Guanshan difficult to send to the border.South to a word sorrow, acacia difficult to send a dream with the wind, years of ruthless with tears.Dream soul injury, endure tears swallow cry heartbroken, Jiangshan unified, difficult to distinguish where is home.Night weiyang, soul dream xiaoxiang, affectionate is the most difficult to ban, not see you return to a heartbroken.Wanli soul to a paper light, stone hate difficult flat, the world of mortals dream sad tears.The soul of a broken heart, the dream around the mountain sleeve dyed new cream.Lute geese sound, thick wipe total affection, west window candle shadow double flying dream.Chang ‘an road slim, Zhuangsheng butterfly dream Huang Liang, thick makeup light wipe flower autumn bowel.Assembly double, night weiyang, west window cut candle dream add fragrance.Infinite meaning, a few affectionate, light make-up prosperous dream is not.Dance sunshine, purple gas around the west wall, spring breeze blowing peach blossom rain, light rouge into the gallery.Outside setting sun heaven and earth, half wheel falls moon shuiyun, west window candle shadow double flying dream also.Apricot rain falls in front of the court, rouge powdery makeup, west window cut candle double fly east wall.West kunlun east into the sea, south to the north butterfly flying flowers, thick makeup light wipe prosperous is not home.Fan butterfly, sunshine west window drunk azalea, silent spring also, light make-up total flow.Light wipe thick makeup always poem, flower falls to a few people know, west window cut candle listen to wind and rain, butterfly dream laugh at me crazy.Peach blossom light wipes willow silk is low, the setting sun flies over the small dike.Under the west mirror mountain red, butterfly lightly draw such as painting, smoke from the kitchen in the sunset.Butterfly dance flowers, the west under the reflection of myrtle, all prosperous Iraqis with fragrance.Different feelings, the rain fell silent, west window candlestick shake red tears, butterfly double dream.Butterfly spring edge thick, west under the mountain red, cowboy cattle back smoke in the blue sky.Leaning on the railings, falling red all over the ground can not bear to see, cut candles to listen to the wind and rain, butterfly dream another year.The cold wind blew through the west window, and the butterflies fell asleep.Pear with rain rouge into the painting, out of the sun butterfly dream open.Tourists go to the ancient ferry, mountain birds do not know the spring over Yangzhou.When birds Hugh, gratuitous on the building, dazzling zhaohui drizzle worrying.Two for the spring, the birds sing three fragrant piao Wanli, Zhaohui zhao full universe.Ancient temples mu Zhaohui, Bai Bai qingyin around cuiwei, birds contend for spring clouds.The wind is clear, the clouds are light, the rising sun will reflect rosy clouds, the birds are singing on the branches, and the garden is drunk with spring.Birds, boundless spring into the painting screen, Zhaohui shop brocade, a river clear water reflecting the day.Jiangnan spring scenery full tianya, crow birds to see flowers, the most is a clear place, according to thousands of early Zhaohui.Willow green reflected zhaohui, water blue wind clear swallow fly, birds sing branches intoxicating spring.Moon is clear eye twilight rain two dependent, forest birds garden can not bear to return.Song bird broken cloud empty, spring garden zhaohui infinite good, clear yayun into the poem.Spring is enchanting, arguing willow tree tops, clear water pool as a small waist.Castle peak and water mu Zhaohui, the wind to send clear sound into the emerald, the birds sing the branches of spring as fangfei.According to the heart, reflecting the red eyes, birds sing branches of spring painting in the line.A boat jing subirao, spring drunk visitors, zhaohui sunset long stay new world.Into tu Su, contending for all things, the most is a year of good qingjing, Zhaohui sunset drawing new map.The wind is bright, the clouds are light, and the birds are singing the branches with endless spring rhyme.But see the branches of perching bird, spring in where, zhaohui rain clear sorrow into dreamland.Clear water reflects the blue sky, zhaohui as da1000, birds singing spring full of the world.Xiao Feng light, air clear, birds sing branches of spring with you.Stroke face cool and refreshing air, gold wind sent me up the mountain, cicadas chirping frog drum bee fly to arouse guests.Changhua butterfly, qu Zi every listen to frog, Dongjun face good spring, wanli clear sky wind roll sand.The sun is high, spring is particularly charming, frog drum cicada singing butterfly dance music.Spring cold stroke face feel cold, the wind warm flowers fragrant city, frogs sound a field of green, butterfly fly bee dance tomb-sweeping day.A month of light, sweet butterflies and cool people drunk, light face cool mood.Butterflies love flowers, frogs drum cicadas sing sunset, cool people drunk, the golden wind sent cool to the farm.Wind and snow all over the sky, spring liu smoke, pond warm frog sound, wild path flower butterfly pian.Stroke face slightly cool not flat, the wind blowing leaves full autumn city, pond warm flowers butterfly shadow.Rain frog drum, garden spring as blowing pear snow, still smell calligraphy and ink incense.Heart if butterfly, such as water meaning with frog, stroke face spring, drizzle soft wind embellish ten thousand.Good autumn, send cool upper floor, cicada singing frog drum drunk, butterfly dance bee fly to provoke sorrow.Frogs constantly rain xiao SAO, no trace of flowers lonely, wind roll bead curtain stroke across the bridge.Butterflies and sweet flowers drunk visitors, cool and refreshing face soft wind scenery new.Misty clouds, cold as ice, frogs fly into dreams.Cicadas sing feeling tender, butterfly fly bee dance meaning lingering, jinfeng send cool cool shengxian.The night was thick, the moon was dim, and the frogs croaked in the grass.Difficult to find butterfly, frog, dawn light cold catkins to the horizon.Love do not, February scenery is still, the east wind one night to urge the new green, ten miles of peach blossom smile all over the sky.The east wind blows ten thousand, the garden of peaches and plums compete for youth, human February 3 spring rain like ma.Qinhuai ten miles of peach blossom, dongfeng all things su, the most is march February is at the beginning.Jiangnan scenery in February, Sanchun Yanyu Run as crisp, dongfeng overnight peach blossom into the painting.Meet you again, February jiangnan willow new, east wind blowing thousands of miles, peach blossom is still laughing crazy people.One night dongfeng liufei, peach blossom fell to yan double return, the world in February fangfei good, mo negative sanchun scenery sad.Peach blossoms fall to the east wind blowing all over the city, mo Sanchun February is qingming.February rain such as silk, it is the east wind blowing thousands of miles, peach blossoms fall as willow hanging branches.Romantic fragrance still in, fragrance color more fresh, night dongfeng still smiling.To ten thousand, peaches and plums compete for youth, who said no color in February, is the third spring several flowers.Peach blossom shining mountain red, dongfeng wanli thick, mo March February is verdant.Misty rain, michun willow dance east wind, one night fangfei, peach blossom face red.Don’t say three spring autumn, the world in February the most romantic, the east gentleman one night peach blossom race free.Overnight dongfeng peach and plum race youth, human February march bird croucher.Willow, green full branches, the most is the total acacia in March and February.Like willow catkins, just like crabapple branches, dongfeng night peach blossoms in full bloom.Dongfeng green thick, peach blossom smile fangfei do in February, only three different spring scenery.Peach blossom two not bad, dongfeng night full tianya, after the Jiangnan virgin home.East wind willow sanspring green, drizzle pear garden red February, one night lovesickness nowhere to send, peach blossom flowing water in the dream.Faint fragrance quietly elegant dredging mad rain invasion, not with flowers a report bosom friend.The spring breeze blows the face of flowers, thousands of red times, nose fragrance ao Ren Jun cut.Fragrance into dreamland, proud dou cold frost, flowers zhengyan Mei open quietly elegant makeup.Yizhi plum, second, elegant fragrance proudly to spring.Proudly born without dust, fragrance quietly elegant since pleasant, plum blossom two hundred flowers and a spring.Dream, proud for who planted, flowers blooming early spring, only red mei Xue open.Proud from enchanting, a wisp of fragrance through bi Xiao, not with qunfang garden as free and unfetters.All flowers wither as I come alone, do not compete with the fragrance open, a wisp of fragrance float thousands of miles, ice proud renjun cut.Two degrees and spring breeze, not with flowers fragrance floating thousands of miles, three points proudly laugh at the sky.With rain line, garden fragrance with wind, has been driven by clouds, jade soul also with the passing waters entangle.- Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Sinology art #