My rules are rules!O ‘Sullivan pummeled Trump 6-3 to advance to the last eight

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“Special Olympics”, a long-awaited peak game, his belief of never yielding, supporting the matches he scored game, hot-blooded, groom, want again proved more than one generation, the spear and shield, his high-profile let’s groom’s understand a truth, 75 is still in the top three jie,A perfect interpretation of what is called “old or old, hot”, “a skinny camel is bigger than a horse”.In the 2022 Players championship, O ‘Sullivan played a high-quality match against Trump, with smooth attack, delicate ball and accurate far board, breaking trump’s solid fort again and again. Trump finally had to give up and lost in the 16th round.Both sides in the first round of the game, the meaning of “snooker” fully reflected, attack and defense lines, in the combination of rod and strength, the control can be called perfect, in the defense, Trump only missed a shot opportunity, O ‘Sullivan a wave of flowing attack, exquisite K ball, a single stroke 90 points successfully won the first round.Groom of the second inning, and not to be outdone, a precise long table, and K to black ball beside the red ball, one pace reachs the designated position, well point black ball is called, the single pole with 53 points later, because of the control of the ball, not ideal, attack, defense, his line, there is no defense to attack far red ball not into, groom tome to fit is complete super points,The final score was tied 76-0.Third inning, groom’s get started again with accurate long, single pole 52 after a pole dozen blue K red ball heap is not desirable, attack interrupt, complex red balls, a combination of ball became his assists, started to get a beautiful rod of K ball after 14 points, the situation becomes very clear, the mesa already without any difficulty, in the end 84, the bureau successfully reversed,The score came to 2-1.Scored the fourth, his distant station on the left side of the top bag red balls, mesa red ball at this time has not fully open, 47 points after a perfect ball K, complicated situation instantly is simplified, a wave of attack of the flowing, the scene applause, fans like the art, the final 99 again next game, the score 3 to 1.The fifth game, the ball, his solution to the groom theme, thin into red balls at the same time, with scattered red balls, the mesa red ball distribution is very ideal, a wave of normal operation, groom tome has completed super points, single lever for 69 points, attack on the right side of the bag in error, this time his two snooker is needed to realize the reversal, eventually, in vain do snooker,Trump rallied for a 79-0 total to make it 2-3.Sixth, his scored 22 points appear a mistake, defense, especially groom’s first leakage flaw, the distribution of the mesa red ball is very ideal, his to fit a garish and strong performance desire, had 39 points into defense, groom tome a shot the ball in a spell, the rockets again to get those opportunities, with a final total of 101-0,4-2 to take a two-set advantage again.Leakage length in the seventh inning, his defense, firmly advance groom tome, had 14 points of a Fried ball, like a flower fairy scattering red balls, straight to groom theme of dozen, lethality is extremely strong, its purpose is to rival a shot to death, risk coexist at the same time, a few bar connection, single lever got 55, lost the left edge of the red ball,O ‘Sullivan took control of the table after a wave of magic, but fell on the final red ball, trump finally smiled the gift, 85-42 back to make it 3-4.The eighth inning, his kick-off it forms the snooker, groom’s foul ball, but did not leave a chance, his a high-quality defense, trevor, groom tome together into fry red balls scattered pile and form large leakage, at that moment, his and opened the individual performances, pole method, elegant, exquisite and the circumference of the ball, eventually completed 127 units, 5-3 first to get a match point.At this point on the line, groom, only a little of his peril, don’t do the intrepid attack, patiently waiting for the chance in the defense, finally impatient, groom, first to leak out, his overhand 52 points did not attack force, slowly but surely one defense, especially groom’s only 5 points, to hand over the ball again,O ‘Sullivan went through with a solid score of 94-5, 6-3, while Trump stopped in the round of 16.