Wenzhou actively responds to import and export risks and challenges

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Transportation as “Problem Number one”?Lucheng to help stabilize foreign trade to grasp epidemic prevention, grasp production, at present, many foreign trade enterprises have to deal with overseas orders backlog delay, logistics costs sharply rising, supply chain fracture and other troubles.In order to ease the logistics pressure of foreign trade enterprises, Lucheng District, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province set up the foreign trade export security team, in-depth docking with enterprises with export problems, open the rapid handling mode, and help foreign trade export to get a “good start”.Click to see the video:
Today’s experts say epidemic prevention, yu Xianghua, deputy head of wenzhou epidemic prevention and control Expert group and deputy Director of Wenzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, will introduce to you how to prevent COVID-19 from imported goods and mails.Click to see the video:
More wonderful content, please click on the link to subscribe to “news broadcast” wenzhou wenzhou, wenzhou comprehensively strengthen closed loop control being imported fruit will be coronavirus by imported fruit food and its packaging spread, continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control of the city’s hard-won achievements, wenzhou technology program first deployed comprehensively strengthen imported fruits closed loop control,We will further guard against the risk of imported fruits being imported into the country, and guard the people’s “fruit basket”.Click to see the video:
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