Another urgent message from Unita!Canvass the area for incoming and returning personnel

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Urgent announcement!Three positive nucleic acid tests were found in Hohhot.From now on, all non-essential calls will be suspended, the operation of large-scale light banquet will be suspended, the sale of four types of medicines such as antipyretic drugs in drugstores will be suspended, and…Announcement of Hohhot Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Infection Prevention and Control (No. 8, 2022) Three COVID-19 nucleic acid positive cases were found in Hohhot from 23:00 on February 15 to 3:00 on February 16, 2022.In order to effectively prevent the export and rebound of the epidemic and effectively block the transmission channels of the epidemic, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows in accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Response to Emergencies:Please pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic and do not leave Huhu unless it is necessary. If you do need to leave, you must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Ii. Since the release of this announcement, large-scale lantern fairs, trade fairs, banquets, celebrations, job fairs and other collective activities within the city will be suspended.3. All pharmacies will suspend the sale of four types of medicines, namely antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic. Medical institutions that do not set up fever clinics are not allowed to treat fever cases.4. Welfare institutions and old-age service institutions shall be completely closed and no one shall enter or leave.Nursing institutions will suspend receiving new residents and visiting activities.The public security, judicial and administrative prisons were completely closed, and family visits with direct contact were suspended.5. Public places (hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, pharmacies, etc.), government offices, enterprises and public institutions should strengthen control, prevent people from gathering, take temperature measurement at entrances, check health code (travel code), check the wearing of masks and other prevention and control measures, and regularly perform environmental disinfection.6. Social organizations should refrain from holding gathering activities, slow down red events, keep funerals simple, and refrain from gathering in groups, gathering, and dining together, so as to develop good hygienic habits and lifestyles.Vii. The general public is invited to actively cooperate in implementing prevention and control measures.If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other symptoms, do not take medicine by yourself. You should wear a mask and go to a fever clinic as soon as possible, avoid taking public transportation during the treatment, and actively inform your travel history and contact history.8. Maliciously spreading rumors, falsely reporting and concealing the epidemic, and releasing false information are strictly prohibited.Ix. Since the release of this announcement, all units and personnel in our city shall strictly abide by it. Those who violate the provisions of this announcement will be severely punished according to law.Thanks for the active cooperation of the general public. At present, the production and life of the city is stable, and the material reserves are sufficient. Please rest assured, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government will lead everyone to fight the epidemic together and resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war!Follow-up information will be timely announced to the general public.Source: Hohhot COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Hohhot Daily/Xing ‘an Daily official wechat