Qiushi Magazine published an important article by General Secretary Xi Jinping titled “Striving to Become a Useful and Capable Man of great Responsibility”.

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The third issue of Qiushi Magazine, to be published on Feb 1, will feature an important article by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, president and chairman of the Central Military Commission.Young officials born in the great era are the new force for the development of the Cause of the Party and the country. They must improve their internal skills, improve their culture and enhance their skills, strive to become useful and capable of carrying out important tasks, work hard to achieve the second Centenary Goal, and live up to the expectations and great trust of the Party and the people, the article stressed.The article pointed out that people should be firm in their beliefs and loyal to the Party.Over the past 100 years since its founding, the COMMUNIST Party of China has always been a party with lofty ideals and firm convictions.This ideal and conviction are marxist belief, the great ideal of communism, and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Ideals and convictions are the spiritual pillar and political soul of Chinese Communists, as well as the ideological basis for maintaining the unity and unity of the Party.Young cadres should bear in mind that the firm ideal and belief is a lifelong task, which needs constant practice and should be trusted and kept for a lifetime.Firm ideals and convictions go hand in hand with loyalty to the Party.Firm ideals and convictions can be loyal to the Party, loyalty to the Party is the best interpretation of firm ideals and convictions.The article pointed out that we should pay attention to reality and seek truth from facts.To proceed from reality and seek truth from facts is not only a matter of ideological methods, but also a matter of whether the Party spirit is strong.Look from current cadre troop actually, what insist to seek truth from facts most needs to solve is party spirit problem.Whether a cadre is seeking truth from facts can be seen from many aspects. The most fundamental thing is whether a cadre is telling the truth, telling the truth, doing practical work and seeking practical results.Young cadres should adhere to the Party spirit and work, take telling the truth, doing honest things and being honest as an important part of party spirit cultivation and exercise, dare to uphold the truth, be good at independent thinking, and adhere to the truth and pragmatism.The article pointed out that we should have the courage to take responsibility and be good at doing things.It is the duty and value of a cadre to do the work.When the Party places officials in various posts, it wants them to serve as officials, not enjoy the benefits of being officials.To fulfill our responsibilities, we need to work hard and keep our nose to the grist.To bear and to do are one. To do nothing is not to bear. To do something is to bear.Whatever is beneficial to the Party and the people, we must do boldly and resolutely, without taking refuge or evading justice.The article pointed out that we should adhere to principles and dare to fight.Adherence to principles is an important character of communists and an important criterion to judge whether a cadre is competent or not.To the Communists, Mr. Yes man is not really a good man.The good man doctrine starts with a problem, because what is good is oneself, while what is bad is the general atmosphere and the cause.To uphold party spirit and principles, communists must stress struggle.All Party cadres should have the spirit of impartiality and unselfishness, stressing principle rather than face, stressing party spirit and favoring personal interests.Communists should at all times have a strong character, integrity and boldness that do not believe in evil, fear no ghost and do not want to be a softie.The article pointed out that strict rules should be followed and the bottom line should not be crossed.The first thing you need to do is respect the rules and the bottom line.Officials must be respectful, vigilant, and bottom line. They must Revere the Party, the people, and the law and discipline.Strict to cultivate one’s morality, can be strict with oneself.All the more, we Communists should be upright, clear, ethical and self-respecting. We should always put the Party and the people in the highest place in our hearts. We should be spotless, righteous and dedicated to serving the public.As a communist party cadre, one should be relaxed about one’s reputation, status and interests.The article points out that we should study hard and improve our skills.We are in an era of unprecedented change and are engaged in a great cause that has never been done before. If we lack knowledge, vision and capability, we will delay our work.Young cadres are full of energy, active thinking and receptive. They are now in a good period to develop their abilities and abilities. They must cherish the time, live up to it, be eager to learn and improve themselves all the time.