Successfully beat Xiaomi, ranked first in the cost performance of mobile phones, Shenqi fell to 1199 yuan

2022-08-13 0 By

For mobile phone products, in fact, we all like cost-effective products, after all, inexpensive products, who would not like it.But how easy is it to pick a phone with a good value?After all, not everyone is understand mobile phone, cell phone or with few understand friend, so at this time, want to buy a mobile phone is generally very could, especially for some budget is not high, and also want to buy a cost-effective mobile phone users, it is more difficult to choose, for this type of user, will choose to watch some authority given advice directly, such as the list.Recently, the famous scoring agency Antutu released its latest Cost-effectiveness ranking for Android in January, which includes different phones at different price points.But we found that the first place is a price of only a thousand yuan level of about the phone, that is RealMe Q3S.See this mobile phone, we think carefully, as a thousand yuan level of machine, can rank the first or very reasonable, after all, its cost performance is really quite high.From appearance, realme Q3S doesn’t look like a one thousand yuan designed a mobile phone, the back is plastic material, but still adopted double texture of double coating process, plus AG, sand blasting process can be through the elaborate design, under the irradiation of light, there will be a different colour to emit light refraction, produce a kind of gradual change effect.Of course, the overall design of the rear cover is relatively simple and layered. In addition to the camera module, there is only the RealMe LOGO, which can be said to be the finishing touch.On the mobile phone screen, RealMe has equipped RealMe Q3S with an e-sports screen, which is a 6.6-inch LCD screen and supports a maximum of 144Hz high refresh rate. The EYE protection of LCD can make the eyes of users who like playing games for a long time not easy to fatigue, and the support of 144Hz high refresh rate.It also makes the screen more fluid.Of course, putting aside these two points, realMe Q3S LCD screen display effect is also high quality, 1080P+ resolution, 401PPI, 91% screen ratio, so that the screen of mobile phone users praise.So since it is said that 144Hz is the screen of e-sports level, then the performance of mobile phone naturally also want to go up.Realme Q3S is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor chip, which is a Qualcomm positioning mid-end chip, generally used in two thousand or three thousand yuan mobile phone, and RealMe Q3S is equipped with this chip as a thousand yuan machine, or quite powerful.General games can run smoothly, can be called performance small steel gun, and the mobile phone built-in a 5000mAh battery, to meet the needs of heavy mobile game enthusiasts, normal use of a day is not a problem.In terms of lens, RealMe Q3S adopts a set of rear three-shot, matrix design. The main shot is a 48-megapixel super-clear main shot, and the secondary shot is a 2-megapixel macro and 2-megapixel portrait lens.Let’s not say how strong the strength of this lens module, at least to meet the daily needs of the problem is not big, and RealMe Q3S also for portrait and scenery for special optimization, straight out of the effect at the same price are very good.In general, RealMe Q3S is one of the few mobile phones at the same price without obvious shortcomings. The current price starting from 1199 yuan also enables it to surpass Xiaomi and rank first in the list of cost performance of mobile phones, which is closely related to the OPPO brand behind RealMe.After all, OPPO’s resources are not comparable to those of other phone manufacturers, and realMe Q3S is a great choice for users who want to buy a phone with a good price.