A survey shows that nearly 90 percent of college students support courses on love, revealing a real problem

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As for the question of love among college students, “88.2 percent of them want schools to provide love education “– is the subject of heated debate these days, leaving aside the authority of the survey and the size of the sample!Let’s just say, “It’s a great idea, as the survey showed, that today’s students want to experience and have a great relationship in college.At the same time, the result also reveals a more realistic problem, most college students don’t know how to the pursuit of the opposite sex and maintain love, say a bit more straightforward – almost everyone is looking for love in the “dead”, most college students don’t know how to the pursuit of the opposite sex and maintain love, say a bit more straightforward – their pursuit of love is basically a “death”,There is no “maintenance”!So, they are pursuing the opposite sex at the same time, they are also pursuing love.So the main reason you want to have a relationship course in school is to learn how to pursue the opposite sex and start a relationship, and I don’t think people think about what happens when they start and so on.””Let’s talk about two common phenomena.First of all, experienced people tend to be successful, while inexperienced people can only “love and not “!To put it bluntly, people who flood die in floods and people who drought die in droughts.In college, you will find that after a period of time, some boys or girls will get a new “partner”, some people not only have ex-boyfriends, but also ex-girlfriends, while most college students?This is the situation at many universities.Second, the wall of confession acts as a “rupture”. Considering the first scenario, why is it that a small percentage of students are able to “successfully flirt” with girls on a regular basis, while the majority are unable to engage in relationships even after graduation?Is it because the latter doesn’t want to?Absolutely not!Look at this busy wall of confessions, fishing for someone almost every day, or under the guise of helping a roommate get laid!That’s what we do, it means everyone wants to go out and try love, and they put more hope on the wall, so the wall acts as a matchmaker!What are the advantages and disadvantages of offering a course on interpersonal relations?First, what everyone wants isn’t necessarily the right thing, as surveys show — nearly 90 percent of college students want a relationship class, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will solve your single problems.So, what’s in it for you?Firstly, the course can provide some theoretical guidance, so that students can experience a relationship psychologically first, secondly, it is important to look at interpersonal relationship correctly, especially the recent PUA problem, and finally, it is a platform to meet the opposite sex, so maybe it can solve some practical problems!What are the disadvantages?Even with formal classes, what can you do about relationships?When it comes to relationships, practice is more important than anything!That’s not to say that if you take the course and get the credits or the high marks, you are truly free and loved, it’s not to say that if you take the course and get the credit or the high marks, you will truly change and fall in love.Is it necessary to teach relationships in universities?In my opinion, this is not needed!However, the need for proper guidance, such as including it in regular class meetings or psychology courses, to get people to put relationships in perspective, making formal courses somewhat impractical.In fact, the biggest obstacle for students to get rid of relationships is that they don’t have the courage to let go of the so-called face.They’re always on the confessional wall, but in reality, they’re just too compliant!To put it bluntly, “You deserve to be single!”For example, the so-called “catch” a girl to take a class together, or even to teach together, can you not initiate?Can’t you sit closer together in class and see if there’s a chance to talk and get to know each other better?You should wait until the class is over, then you will remember how beautiful and impressive the young ladies in your class are, and then you will even fall in love with……Student, how childish you are!If you can’t even take the first step, isn’t everything after that “crap”?Besides, even if you are very affectionate in your confession, who can guarantee that people will see it?What’s the point of pinning your hopes on it?What is more annoying is that some students see their “favorite girl” for many times in a row, but dare not say hello to her, and then feel good about themselves, have the feeling of love, you have met many people, dare not ask their contact information, and then declare the wall is what you can ask?To put it bluntly, students are their own problems, either uncommunicative, thin-skinned or straightforward, so instead of pinning their hopes on something else, why not face their own problems first, such as learning to communicate with the opposite sex in real life?How to avoid embarrassment but still stay in touch?How can we move forward?And so on.Everyone has different personalities, so how can we solve these problems in class?As the saying goes, real knowledge comes from practice!First of all to solve the face problem, it is better to be brave, speak not blush, improve their connotation, articulate, generous, and then you will find that chatting with girls is also very easy, then will become the past..