Police and passengers make Lantern Festival on high-speed train in Taiyuan

2022-09-10 0 By

On February 15, a special activity was held on the G618 train from Taiyuan to Beijing.Police in Taiyuan accompanied passengers to solve lantern riddles and eat glutinous rice balls in the carriages as they spent a special Lantern Festival on a high-speed train traveling at 300 kilometers per hour.”There is a volcano in the middle and the sea on each side. There are many treasures in the sea.What do you guess?””Hot pot.””Yes, a New Year present for you.”After the G618 train left Taiyuan South Railway Station on Thursday morning, policemen from Taiyuan Police Detachment organized passengers to play lantern riddles.And this piece of a riddle in the carriage, also represented the police’s good wishes to the passengers.”I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting Lantern Festival activity by train. The whole family participated in it and felt the endless fun of guessing lantern riddles together. The children had fun and gained knowledge.”Get the small gift that means to travel safely, passenger Liang Jing says happily.”Auntie hello how are you?””Good.””Is it sweet?””Sweet!”Police aunt will also be cooked in advance of the children on the train to eat dumplings, and everyone with joy ha Ha ha make yuanxiao.Near the end of the activity, the police and the passengers sang a loud chorus of “Me and my Motherland”, to the Chinese athletes fighting in the field of the Winter Olympics cheer, salute.The police posted crossword puzzles in the carriages.Let’s solve lantern riddles.The police aunt fed the young tourists yuanxiao.The police and passengers sing “Me and my Country” together.Let’s take a Lantern Festival photo.Source: Shanxi Daily client