@ Quanjiao parents, school start notice is coming!

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Today is the tenth day of the first lunar month. Please don’t forget to supervise your children at home because…School is coming!According to the previous arrangement of Chuzhou Education Bureau, the opening time of the spring semester of 2022 is as follows: Compulsory education Stage School: February 16, 2022 Ordinary senior high School, Grade one, Grade two:Winter vacation arrangement of kindergarten refers to compulsory education school, winter vacation arrangement of secondary vocational school refers to ordinary senior high school and is implemented according to the actual situation of the school.That is to say, the time left for children to play is running out, and the school “bone collection” is about to start school, children have not adjusted the state of how to do?01 Encourage children to do a launching ceremony to accompany children to do a finishing, you can start from cleaning up your own room, so that it becomes neat and orderly in the hands of children.Then put the winter vacation life “inverted movie” type replay again, inventory harvest and regret, think of the New Year’s new expectations.Through the full sense of ceremony, jointly create a comfort environment, clear up their own mood, with a peaceful heart to welcome the beginning of the school.Winter vacation slack, and the relative tension after the start of school, often need time to change the state, so the first two weeks of school is called “golden week”.Parents do not “cliff type heart”, together with their children to develop a synchronized with the school life “schedule”, step by step, small steps to run fast, to help children adjust to the daily learning state, let children feel parents in the side as a good staff of that calm.03 Help children do inner cleaning when the conventional advice, the child is difficult to listen to, please stop, feel, maybe the child or even themselves are in anxiety, tension, fear and other emotions, and these emotions silently against, in serious internal friction.Parents need to do a good job of communication and guidance, timely “see” the child’s mood, feel behind the “I value their performance in the New Year” signal, embrace him, support him, let the child feel the parents heart of the steadfast.Remind parents to go to work On February 12th (Saturday) February 13th (Sunday) Normal off work is not arranged to go to work off for the parents of grade one to grade eight, this is the last two-day weekend before children start school for parents on February 15th, after the god animals will all return to the cage to spend time with the baby!!Finally, how is your child’s winter vacation homework?