The interior of the new MINI COUNTRYMAN looks like this after spy photos were released in the second half of the year.

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BMW’s X1 has been spotted in new photos, and its sibling, the MINI COUNTRYMAN, has also been spotted.This is from foreign media to learn that the new MINI COUNTRYMAN test spy photos have been exposed, the new car in the interior part of the changes are relatively large, and the car and the younger brother together to see.From the spy photos, it is not hard to see that the new car is still covered with thick camouflage.But a closer look reveals the MINI’s unique quasi-circular headlight set on the front.The design of the front grille can refer to the design style of the cash MINI, and the heat sink of the front hood is a through-through design, and the overall design is more fashionable.On the side, it’s not hard to see the strong MINI family style, but the size of the new car has increased significantly.After all, it’s built on the chassis of the next-generation BMW X1.In terms of space, it should perform better than the current model.The trunk does not look big, and the shape of the lower part of the tail is relatively thick, and the visual effect is very good.The interior continues the classic part of the change is the biggest part of the interior, the new car’s center console area is still using MINI’s signature round, and also covered with a large round cover plate, but also make the whole orientation rotated to the main driver side.We don’t know if it will actually be a circular screen when it lights up in the future, but it’s expected to “shake up” our imagination.In addition, the new car also uses the suspension type oval LCD instrument panel, although the size is small, but looks very technological.The interior of the new car doesn’t show the full picture in the photos so far, but it still retains the essence of MINI’s interior design.There are also a number of physical buttons under the center console, and the MINI’s signature paddle control button is retained to ensure ease of operation.At the same time the air conditioning outlet may also be used through the design, very individual.Are you looking forward to it?In terms of power, Kauto understands that the new car will likely have the same configuration as the new BMW X1, based on 1.5T and 2.0T engines, with multiple hybrid systems and even pure electric assemblies added.Of course, the four-wheel drive system will not be absent.The only bad news is that, based on the progress made so far, the new car is expected to be released later than the X1, with an official launch date of 2023.So, will you be waiting for the MINI COUNTRYMAN?Edit/Sugeng