Welcome to appreciate the tiger 3X from 49,900 yuan

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Buy Chery car, to Hengyang Hongbo more cost-effective!This shop provides one-stop financial installment service, “lightning approval, ultra-low down payment, tailored program, minimal procedures, exclusive consultant” ID card or driver’s license is done!A variety of financial options!Online inquiry to the shop customers can enjoy special discounts, please enter the shop description network inquiry, can enjoy more gift concessions!Welcome to inquire!: Hengyang City Shigu District steam Xiangbei Road Shenjiawan section of progress village bus station.Hengyang Hongbo Chery auto buy Tiger 3X PLUS enjoy triple gift financial gift: financial car to enjoy the high 3000 yuan cash subsidies ② replacement gift: replacement car enjoy 2000 yuan cash subsidies ③ warranty gift: car to enjoy engine lifetime warranty to buy Chery auto hengyang Hongbo!More affordable!Through the network or telephone reservation to enjoy the store luxury gift, car decoration gift package, old customers with new customers to buy a car to enjoy VIP service!: Next to the bus stop of Progressive Village, Shenjiawan Section, Zhengxiang North Road, Shigu District, Hengyang City. The activity is from April 4 to April 5, 2022