CCTV late night connection Water Qingxia!Jia Xiuquan shed tears twice, the women’s soccer team almost destroyed in his hands

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On February 14, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s soccer team is currently in Isolation with the National soccer team in Suzhou. Both sides are also staying in the same 5-star luxury hotel, and the treatment is exactly the same.This time, with the momentum of winning the Asian Cup, the women’s football team can finally enjoy the same treatment as the Chinese football team, living in such high-end hotels. In the past, the women’s football team only stayed at 70 DOLLARS a day, which is nothing compared with the current average hotel price of 1,100 yuan.During the current isolation, the women’s football team including coach Shui Qingxia also accepted the CCTV interview and connection.This time, when Shui Qingxia was interviewed and connected at 22 o ‘clock in the evening, she couldn’t help crying.At that time she and CCTV undertook a connection, CCTV13 news channel directly live, they and Shuiqingxia, and sonorous rose face to face moment, CCTV news column directly gave ShuiQingxia so a live connection lens.CCTV asked Shui qingxia directly why she wanted to coach the Chinese women’s soccer team.”From the player to the coach, my feelings for women’s football are rooted in my heart,” Said Shui Qingxia on the spot.At that time after finishing this sentence, Shui Qingxia could not help but shed tears. This is her first time to shed tears, which is really very moving. Jia Xiuquan never said this sentence, and he will never do so.In the select side of the Olympics, Gu Xiuquan with the Chinese women’s team created an unprecedented humiliation, Olympic Games lost three games 17 goals, but that is because Gu Xiuquan support their lineal and cronies, for some veteran and exploits the players but the purge, all those good players kicked off the national team.At that time, Lou Jiahui, Tang Jiali and others could not play in the national team. Anyway, some players who had never played in an international tournament played directly, leading to a complete defeat in the Olympic Games.This kind of nepotism behavior, if he like Shui Qingxia, to ensure that the feelings of women’s football rooted in the heart, then I don’t believe that any coach can make such a decision, Jia Xiuquan will never do what Shui Qingxia did.The second question asked by CCTV at that time was what was the biggest difficulty for Shui Qingxia when she coached The Chinese women’s football team. She said that her biggest difficulty was a psychological adjustment, because she had coached the Chinese women’s football team for a short time at that time.Before the Asian Cup, Shui Coach had just led The Chinese women’s football team for more than three months. Such a team that didn’t fit in well enough was able to stand on the highest stage in Asia, not to mention winning by tacit understanding. On the one hand, it was the coach’s improvism, on the other hand, the spirit of the women’s football team and the sense of national honor.The spirit of the women’s football team played a role instead of strength, otherwise it would not have defeated Japan and South Korea in the semifinals and the final, but at the same time, it was completed under the circumstances of falling behind, if it was not for the honor and perseverance of the spirit of never giving up, the women’s football team would have been out of the tournament.This is not pure feelings at all, but Shui Qingxia gave this women’s soccer team into the spirit.Not only that, Shui Qingxia talked about her adjustment during the match again tears.At that time, Shui qingha could not help crying in front of the camera, saying, it was not easy to think about the process now. I feel angry and distressed at losing to Korea 2-0 at halftime.She is Shouting to the girls, you have to have a little courage, life can have many fights?To bring out the indomitable spirit of women’s football, at least put it together, show grit and attitude.And at that time, Shui Qingxia also revealed that she criticized Tang Jiali and Wang Shuang alone, because these two people as the core players, the front court running too little, not enough input, after being criticized the two people in the second half all woke up.Wang Frost 60 minutes was replaced, Tang Beauty completed a goal and an assist, play very wonderful, at that time the water guidance tears revealed: “I told them can not line, not you give me down!”Finally these two people really hard up, in addition to Shuiqingxia also revealed that Wang Frost was replaced, not because of their dissatisfaction, but because she did hurt.Finally, Shuiqingxia is not greedy, that victory only has a 30% relationship with her, she only accounted for 30% of the function, that is to say, 70% of the credit, she gave his players.On the other hand, jia Xiuquan, when he can do like Shui Qingxia?By contrast, it is more dissatisfied with Jia Xiuquan.