For those who know how to grow flowers, visit the flower market in spring and “close your eyes” to these four plants, which are easy to live and nourish your eyes

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The reason why knowledgeable flower growers can spend the least amount of money to get things done is that they understand the root of things. When they buy flowers and plants, they can use the least amount of money to get healthy potted plants, and at the same time, they can avoid unnecessary casualties in the process of maintenance, so that the plants can survive smoothly.In addition, it is possible that in the later conservation process, a pot of flowers and plants into many POTS, from which profit.Of course, spring flower market, may be a lot of people do not know what plants to choose?In fact, the following 4 kinds of plants is a good choice, good feed appearance level is high, even if it is layman gardening newcomer xiao Bai also can be at ease boldly “close your eyes”!The flower color of blue snowflake of this kind of plant is blue department, look very cool and refreshing, and flowering period is concentrated in summer and autumn, accordingly, a lot of people are fascinated by pit for this, when the day is hot, the blue snowflake in blooming for a while can eliminate the anxiety of the heart.In addition, the cultivation method of blue snowflake is very simple, although the plant is not cold resistant, but the environment temperature of the pot is controlled at more than 5 degrees Celsius, as the trunk will not be frozen, resulting in the whole plant lose activity.That way, when the temperature warms up and the plants return to normal, they will sprout new branches and leaves in the pot, ready to bloom.In addition, blue snowflakes do not have a high demand for light. Although they like light, they are also shade tolerant. They can be grown indoors in potted plants, placed in the east and west, and also bloom continuously on the north balcony.However, it should be noted that in hot summer, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, the sun shading net should be timely pulled to weaken the light or change the place for blue snowflakes to avoid direct sunlight.Dwarf morning glory this plant is an annual herb that is adaptable and not picky about its environment.However, if you want peak flowering in the summer and fall to ensure that many flowers are produced at once, potted plants should be used and the soil should be porous, fertile and slightly acidic.In addition, it also requires long-term resettlement lighting good morning glory potted place, such as a window or balcony, etc., can be in, summer and fall when the sun light intensity is strong, close the window, lighting, and appropriate can often open a window ventilated breathe freely, especially before and after water, does not have such plant water and plant diseases and insect pests, but can not stop flowering,The flowers are big and beautiful.Note: Dwarf morning glories need spring planting, but those who don’t want to do it themselves can purchase seedlings in April and take them home to care for.And the design and color of this kind of plant is rich, still have the difference of single and double, when purchasing seedling or seed, must ask clear ahead of schedule.Although geranium this kind of plant fears burning hot summer strong light point-of-view, but should move its in time only cool and ventilated place, plant seedling can safe summer and blooming a beautiful flower.Geranium is an ornamental flower that blooms all year round.However, limited by the geographical environment, extreme low or high temperature will only grow branches and leaves without flowering.Therefore, the summer needs to spray water mist more ventilation cooling, and winter needs to do a good job of warm as early as possible.The method that the simplest save worry grows geranium uses appropriate soil namely, find a place for a long time indoor, need uses small basin cheap raise again at the same time.Hydrangea while the plant is not like other flowers plant can be applied to acidic or alkaline soil, but if you want to plant grew well or long for weak acid soil condition, after all, alkaline soil plant needs more water and nutrient, soil is easy to agglomerate, suffocation death leads to the root.However, in addition to this, it should be noted that the acidity of the soil can also affect the richness and color of hydrangea flowers.Therefore, during pot planting, the special “toner” for hydrangea can be strictly operated at the stage of flower bud differentiation, mixing with water, and then regulating the flowering state and results of plants by spraying flowers and leaves and watering roots.Of course, the cultivation of hydrangea during the need to pay more attention to light and water regulation.Hydrangea prefers a cool and humid environment. It is planted outdoors under the shade of trees to keep the flowers and leaves away from the direct sunlight at noon.Indoor farming, however, requires frequent watering to ensure that the soil moisture is higher than 30%.In addition, when the roots of potted plants are limited, it is necessary to prune the underdeveloped flower buds, so that the plants do not produce too many flowers at one time and compete with each other for nutrients, which ultimately leads to the failure of each flower to bloom optimally due to malnutrition.Summary: as a flower raiser, as half a farmer, you should know the importance of starting a year’s plan in spring and a day’s plan in the morning.Water your plants in the morning when the temperature is right, before the sun is up.When pruning or replacing the soil, do it in the evening….