Good start!After opening the first “Yi” exports to Europe

2022-09-11 0 By

On February 7, jiangling Group’s new energy vehicle company, located in the economic development zone of Nanchang, ushered in a “good start” for the year of the Tiger. One by one “Yi” vehicles are ready to start their journey to Europe.As a global strategy, Yi was built by teams from Both China and Europe, and the export model is the European version of Mobilize Limo, which has a range of 450 kilometers and can work for a day or two without recharging.Limo will serve as the “vanguard” for JMC’s new energy vehicles to enter the European ride-hailing market, laying the foundation for the supply of the same standard in China and Europe in May this year.All along, Nanchang Economic development Zone has been boosting the high-quality development of new energy industry with scientific and technological innovation, aiming at key core technologies, further strengthening, supplementing and extending the chain, and promoting the deep integration of industrial chain and innovation chain.At present, there are more than 70 enterprises related to the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles.In the future, with the completion of xinwangda Nanchang power battery production base project to reach production, local new energy vehicle enterprises will increase the use of “Nanchang made” power battery options, further help nanchang new energy vehicle industry high-quality development.The first quarter of the year, start to win overall.During the Spring Festival, based on the policy of “two stops”, Nanchang Economic development Zone continued to aim for high-quality development and focused on major projects to promote the strong start of the first quarter to achieve a “good start”, laying a solid foundation for stable growth of the whole year and injecting momentum into high-quality development.Submission email: