In January 2022, a new poll of the popularity of Europeans and Americans was released, and the old is still hot

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Anime Trending, a popular voting site for Japanese Anime in Europe and the US, updated its January 2022 ranking this week.This ranking should also be the first ranking of 2022, let’s look at the Taste of europeans and Americans?No. 10 tomorrow sauce’s Sailor Suit, January my new favorite.The production is too good, the design is a little different, but with the beautiful painting, the soft background, I think it is the best taste of the new drama in January.It means that the plot is a bland, everyday girl story, which depends on your personal preference.9th “ordinary occupation creates the world’s strongest 2” so I still that sentence ah, don’t make fun of what “different world dragon proud day rotten street”, is not someone love to see?You are all to blame for the second season of “Equal Jobs”.The eighth “Sasaki and Miyano” I watched for 5 minutes, it seemed to be a female oriented work, almost made me bend…And then what I came up with was, you know, kind of female-oriented work, you know, kind of painting shy girls in BG comics as boys, and I don’t know, that was my first impression.The seventh “The kingdom of the Brave realist Rebuilding record 2” the first season I saw that the plot is nothing new, the performance is flat, the painting is sloppy, also do not understand this soon can be the second season, but also said that the different world of rotten streets no popularity?Or was it supposed to be two seasons from the start?The sixth “the end of the harem” more bad vulgar harem, but the quality belongs to the average level, not very bad, how to look at the back of the spread and shame degree of control.Fifth “Good at Pranking Takagi 3” to the third season can be congratulated.It’s rumored that there will be knives later in season 3, but I believe it will end up being a sweeter drama.The fourth “Vanitas Notebook 2” bone society produced a very beautiful adaptation, which is also very popular role, Joan was the season when the popularity of the role ranked the first, can inherit the second season seems to be stable play to ensure its popularity.In my opinion, the dressing doll Falls in Love is one of the best dramas of this season. The painting is beautiful and the plot is charming but very interesting. It is the male protagonist who has a full character of virginity, so there is no need to enlarge it so much…The author of the original is a woman, I looked at the original manga, the animation is quite original, but the acting and painting is a step up…More to please the plot of a curtilage if accepted, or very on the taste.Second, I have only watched 2 episodes of Ghost Blade Tour, but I haven’t seen the wonderful parts yet. The production is steady as before, and foreigners still like this kind of work which is relatively young and full of passion and big production.The first final episode of attack on giants, Part2, was a personal disappointment, not that MAPPA couldn’t keep up…It’s the slow pace.2 sets, Ma Lei after the raid also did not obtain what results, Alan a person also supported so long, and armored giant or anxious……The drama is also slow, with each still scene taking a long time…There’s not enough tension…It is said that the rhythm of this part is prolonged because it only finishes the story of “Di Ming”.The unique tension of watching “Attack on Giant” is gone.Summary: Anime Trending’s poll results are, AS always, representative of the masses’ aesthetic, including the sequel of the light novel modification of the bad streets, which will be listed for a while at the beginning…But that’s about it. The CW has a couple of really good shows coming out of January. District 24 is a little light on production but rich in story lines.