“Most expensive” Spring Festival!The total box office hit 4 billion yuan, with 27.66 million fewer moviegoers than last year

2022-09-11 0 By

Half way through the Spring Festival holiday, the Spring Festival movie season is still hot.As of 13:16 PM on Feb 4, the total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival (Jan 31 to Feb 6), including pre-sales, has exceeded 4 billion yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.”Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” topped the list with 1.803 billion yuan.”The Professional” came in second at 846 million yuan.”Wonder” overtook “Four Seas” to take the third place with 440 million yuan, while “Four Seas” took the fourth place with 410 million yuan.In addition to record box office figures, this year’s Spring Festival, the most discussed is movie ticket prices.Movie tickets, which usually cost 20 to 40 yuan, soared to 50 to 80 yuan during this year’s Spring Festival, and prime tickets in some cities even cost more than 100 yuan, Red Star Capital Bureau reported earlier.As of Jan 29, the average pre-sale ticket price for the 2022 Spring Festival was 58.5 yuan, up 19.4 percent from 48.9 yuan for the same period in 2021..Chinese New Year movie “Melee”, the audience complained that ticket prices are too expensive!Listed companies, star investors already layout) under the high ticket prices, moviegoers are also affected.On Feb 1, the first day of Chinese New Year, the box office grossed 1.452 billion yuan, down from 1.693 billion yuan on the first day of 2021, according to Lighthouse Professional.In addition to the lower box office than the same period last year, attendance fell significantly.A total of 25.888 million tickets were issued on Feb 1, 2022, while 34.46 million tickets were issued on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2021, Red Star Capital bureau found.That means 8.572 million fewer moviegoers on the first day of the 2022 Chinese New Year holiday.By Feb 2 (the second day of the Chinese New Year), the total box office of 1.048 billion yuan was still no better than the 1.38 billion yuan in the same period last year, and the total number of tickets sold was 8.67 million fewer than the second day of the Chinese New Year in 2021.The box office on Feb 3, the third day of the Chinese New Year, totaled 1.05 billion yuan, with 18.9 million tickets sold, 10.42 million fewer than the same period last year.That means 27.66 million fewer votes were cast in the first three days of the holiday than in the same period last year.The drop in attendance is partly due to high ticket prices, the China Securities Journal reported, citing a researcher at a Shanghai-based institution who said that the Spring Festival season will not be optimistic this year.On Feb 3, the hashtag # Does ticket price affect Your Spring Festival moviegoing list became the most searched topic on Weibo, with many netizens saying they were “dissuaded” by the high ticket price. Some netizens said they would “choose to watch movies” and even said they would “wait until the ticket price drops”.It is worth mentioning that the trend of movie ticket price reduction has already been shown.The average ticket price for the first four days of the Chinese New Year has dropped from 56.1 yuan to 51.2 yuan, and the average ticket price for the seventh day of the Chinese New Year is expected to drop to 40.8 yuan, red Star Capital bureau learned from Beacon Professional.Red Star news reporter Yu Yaoqiang Yamilli editor Tao Yueyang (download Red Star news, report awards!)