Tongliao public security: police officers stationed in the enterprise, sincere service

2022-09-11 0 By

Since this year, tongliao city public security organs attach great importance to the business environment of the rule of law, take new measures to serve attentively, promote the development of enterprises, win praise from enterprises.What we need most is security and stability. Now we can rest assured.”Recently, Tongliao City Kailu county rainy day agriculture and Livestock Limited company in charge of happy said.Tongliao City Kailu County Public Security Bureau in the company since the operation of the police room, the police forward to the front line of the enterprise, to achieve the police service and economic development “seamless docking”.In view of the characteristics of large number of migrant workers and high mobility of personnel, the Tongliao public security organ built the police room inside the enterprise to better serve the enterprise and arranged regular stationing of police in the enterprise to integrate with the enterprise.The police in the enterprise police office will assume the responsibilities of firefighters, mediators, patrol officers, propagandist, etc., to strictly screen employment for enterprises, investigate and mediate conflicts and disputes, crack down on crimes in close range, and form a joint prevention mechanism to jointly ensure the safety of enterprises and steadily advance.