Zhecheng County: Everyone with certificate skills training to ensure stable employment

2022-09-11 0 By

/ henan newspaper reporters Ding Tao correspondent Ma Xuexian Song Zhenhao zhecheng put the stable employment in the livelihood of the people working in the first place, the implementation of the “all accredited skill of henan” work deployment, established the first senior vocational school in shangqiu, a steady stream of recruit students training, employment, group after group of students to master the new skills, to achieve the steady employment.Far around town on February 21, early in the morning, the county department of hollow village in shangqiu qiu-mei zhang came to the first nursery professional senior technical school, class to class on time, today is the day she accept education training, on the first day of the foundation course, the teachers explained the baby care, feeding production, common diseases, such as knowledge, today she will accept the actual practice.Students Zhang Qiumei told reporters: “yesterday with an neighbor came over, the ans village has several in this study.After graduation, I saw that they all got jobs soon with high salaries. I was fascinated by them and signed up to study.”Grade 2021 students Deng Jinling learning is yuesao course, now in the local stable employment, monthly income of 8500 yuan, the reporter came to the owner’s home, she is busy cooking in the kitchen, a short time a beef brisket egg soup will be fired to complete, talking about the present life, the in the mind really dare not think.”At my age, it is not easy to find a job when I go out to work. Now I have this job at home, and I am very satisfied and cherish it. I am grateful for the free training platform provided by the government, and I have also contacted employment.”Deng Jinling said happily.Class of 2021 student Wang Mengzhao is studying cooking courses. He used to work abroad with his father all the year round, so he became a “moonlight clan” when expenses were excluded. He always wanted to learn a craft and rely on his skills to eat, and he was very interested in cooking, so he signed up for cooking courses.Chef Wang Mengzhao said: “I learned the cooking course in June last year, learned a Chinese small bowl dishes, a Western dessert training, the class has theory and practice, the certificate of completion is very smooth, and now I am a chef in the shop, with a salary of more than 7000.Thank the teachers at school. I will visit you in a few days.”According to introducing, the first senior vocational school is located in shangqiu zhecheng industrial concentration area of zhuzhou road middle Lucy, is approved by the provincial people club hall mainly farmers free skill training of vocational technical school, at present is equipped with standardized speaking classroom between 32, theoretical classroom between 48, can satisfy the training needs for the more than 3000 students at the same time, in the Beijing area super teachers teaching for a long time.”At present, our school has trained more than 3,600 students free of charge, and issued more than 3,600 certificates of completion of 6 major courses, such as baby care, matron, home economics, cooking, massage, etc., which effectively improves the technical quality of migrant workers and promotes the realization of the goal of more local labor at home.”For the next step, we will continue to expand popular courses and hire renowned experts to make the certificates of completion more quality and ensure students’ employment.”Shangqiu city first senior technical school senior mother and child care trainer Ping Yanli confidently said.