A good husband and wife relationship depends on management and mutual help to grow old together

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Of all human relationships, marriage is the most difficult.Marriage relationship is like a mirror, can see all of you, usually may be in the process of getting along with others, you can’t see, but here is hide also can’t hide, even if you want to hide is very difficult.Everyone has his own perception and experience.Some people say that a good husband and wife relationship depends on management, to grow old together;Some people say that husband and wife get along, by fate, by sincere;Some people also say that couples should understand, tolerate and take care of each other, which is the best form of marriage.3 Some people might ask: “I often disagree with my wife over a trivial matter, and accidentally we have an argument. What are we going to do?”Yes, husband and wife will inevitably have bumps and bruises, there is no fight.Just like people’s teeth and tongues, sometimes they can accidentally bite their own tongue, let alone two independent people from two completely different families.4 So back to the previous question, how to keep the relationship harmonious, without fighting or as little as possible?There was an organization that specifically selected 1,000 couples who had been married for more than 10 years to carry out a follow-up survey, and found that they got along harmoniously and friendly.When asked, they shared two secrets most frequently: developing an ability to deal with conflict in marriage;The second is the ability to develop friendships in marriage.The first secret is to develop the ability to deal with conflict.Sometimes the conflict between husband and wife is usually caused by a very small thing, and they do not make concessions to each other. It gets worse and worse, and may even force the other half to go out for shelter.If calm down, found that the original matter is very small.Most of them are caused by disagreement on something, the husband may have his own ideas, the wife also has his own point of view, each of them wants to be in charge, they want to take control, they want to have their own say, so the conflict happens.Teacher Lin said there are three reasons for conflicts between husband and wife. One is that men and women are very different, and there are many differences between men and women.The second is the difference in innate temperament.Before marriage, we are easily attracted to people of different temperament, and after marriage, we always fight because of this difference.For example, calm people like to stay at home quietly, they pay more attention to their own inner, while happy people want to go out to make friends, they pay more attention to the relationship between people.Just think about it. Once these two people get married, they often fight about whether to go out or not.The third is the difference of the family of origin.The husband and wife come from two different families, and each of them has their own ideas, opinions, ways, and reaction patterns to deal with things from their original families.Naturally, these two different people will see things differently and do things differently when they form a new family.If you’re in a tumultuous relationship, see the differences between these three areas and develop the ability to manage conflict.When we stand more in each other’s perspective to consider, to more empathy to each other, each other can see more of our efforts.When we accept and allow each other more internally, and discuss what we do with each other, they respect our feelings more.Problems are no longer problems when we have a place for our partner in our mind.The second secret is that couples develop the ability to nurture friendships.When we work on our marriage, don’t always think of me as wife and him as husband. Always think of him as my lifelong friend.When you treat each other as good friends, your tone and attitude will be different, we will have more tolerance in our hearts, and sometimes even more gratitude and gratitude.But in a relationship, we may think that the husband is what he is and the wife is what she is, and often tolerance and gratitude are absent.This is one of the reasons why we have so many conflicts.”Our relationship is so good because we treat each other like good friends,” Yang said.Yes, when we find that the relationship between husband and wife is not getting along well, and we often fight about something, please think about whether you treat your other half as your best friend for life. If not, please follow this rule immediately.Among thousands of people, you meet the person you want to meet, if you meet, please cherish each other.When you hold your partner in your hands, you’re sure to have a satisfying relationship in the near future.