Hot search no. 1!Wang Meng’s commentary on China’s dancing for gold: I am a blessing too!Huang Jianxiang dared not move

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China’s short track speed skating team won the mixed relay gold medal on Feb 5, while four-time Olympic champion Wang Meng was also popular in the commentary booth.Her chat commentary had already aroused the interest of the audience. After the Chinese team won the gold medal, Wang Meng’s explosive dancing set off social media, which once occupied the first hot search, and was later replaced by the Chinese team’s first gold medal in the Winter Olympics.Wang meng’s commentary is so down-to-earth that her partnership with Huang jianxiang is a crosstalk duo.”Where did it come from? This thing?”To the final of the mixed relay, Wu Dajing and the Italian team almost hit the line at the same time, Wu Dajing slightly ahead.Wang Meng stood up at the commentary stand and shouted excitedly, “The first gold has been born! My eyes are rulers!You don’t have to watch the replay.”Wang Meng waved his hand while saying, “Even if we have a slight advantage, that is our victory.”Wang Meng clapped his hands and said, “All the students in the studio, please get up!I am a blessing too!I’m the biggest blessing on the pitch, and I’ve given us hope to make it to the finals!Let’s clap together!”Huang jianxiang sat on one side and did not dare to move, obviously he was a little uncomfortable with Wang Meng’s unrestrained style.Huang jianxiang left CCTV after he became famous for a crazy outburst.Today’s interpretation environment is much more forgiving.Wang Meng calmed down after Shouting for a while.”Is there a game behind my commentary?My voice can’t shout so, I drink saliva first!”Wang Meng said: “A new Olympic champion was born!Fan Kexin finally realized his dream!In the red!Chinese red!Everything will be red!Thanks from all of us!”Obviously, this commentary, Wang Meng completely rob the scene.Huang Jianxiang, once the master of roaring, was cast as a supporting actor.