My second cousin worked wonders for my lumbar disc herniation

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Tomb-sweeping day holiday for three days, just with little baby to play three days good, go out of the little baby will remind “grandpa, bring mobile phone”!What is “a loss, a long fall”?Remember one day with the baby walk to a supermarket door, the baby excitedly about to enter, I quickly said “oh, today did not bring a mobile phone.””Grandpa, feel your pocket and see which pocket you put your cell phone in.”So ask little baby to help a few pockets to search again, disappointed result is ride to sit on my shoulder all the way, until the door is put down, go out again never forget to remind me: “take mobile phone no?”Desire to meet the baby is a very happy thing, suddenly remember a small baby yesterday morning to buy to eat ice-sugar gourd, didn’t find baby to eat ice-sugar gourd, at that time, so quietly go out to the nearby caishikou to buy, and half an hour to finally get it back and forth, wanted to give the baby a big surprise, open the door after hid ice-sugar gourd in the behind, Shouting: “baby, baby?”Hey!The little baby suddenly took the ice-sugar gourd behind me and exclaime: “My favorite ice-sugar gourd, thank you grandpa, I love grandpa.”Say also is strange a stake, lumbar disc protrusion is a very troublesome thing, every time the pain is unbearable let me everything carefully, can see the little baby this problem is gone.To the park, to the paradise…Are holding carrying, tired is tired, but the waist disc prominent pain did not appear, every time the baby to hold grandma will say: “your grandpa waist pain.”The little baby will say: “Grandpa is lying on the sofa with a backache, and I will help grandpa wash the dishes.”In fact, every time I go out I want to hold the baby, the body tired but the mood is happy.