Shijiazhuang four pharmaceutical group Guolong pharmaceutical riveted to speed up production

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On February 1st, the first day of the first lunar month, hou Jianfeng, general manager of Hebei Guolong Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., shijiazhuang Sipharmaceutical Group, was worried about the production of terbutaline sulfate. After a hasty breakfast, he drove to the factory.Spring comes earlier.Although the cold wind outside the window, but guolong pharmaceutical production workshop has been one “in full swing” scene.”Terbutaline sulfate is our first new product in the year of the Tiger, and it has to be foolproof.”Reporters follow Hou Jianfeng hurried footsteps, put on anti-static work clothes, into the workshop.He and has been sticking to the post operation staff and responsible for product research and development, technology transfer and other technical personnel said to each other “Happy New Year!”Then head into the post, look at the production operation after feeding.Guolong Pharmaceutical co., Ltd. is a large pharmaceutical enterprise established in Shijiazhuang Economic development Zone by Shijiazhuang Siyao Group to implement the development strategy of “raw material + preparation”. Its key products, such as azithromycin, hydroxyethyl starch series and Arpidol hydrochloride, enjoy high reputation in the industry and are favored by the market.In the workshop control room, Yin Jie, the company’s deputy general manager in charge of technical management, is closely staring at the computer monitor with the staff running the control system.”For now, everything is normal,” he told reporters.Before the Spring Festival, the production workshop and the R&D and technical department repeatedly check and confirm the key points such as process reaction time, feed amount, temperature control and impurity control to ensure that the new product is put into production successfully.””The Spring Festival does not stop, mainly to rush against time to meet the production of 2 million orders of terbutaline sulfate atomization liquid and the needs of key customers after the holiday.”Hou jianfeng says, like this product enterprise has developed more than 30, now 17 varieties have been approved, the market prospect is very gratifying.”Now our city vigorously supports the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, good policies and good environment let us taste many sweet head.Last year, we invested more than 60 million yuan in intelligent transformation of production equipment, greatly improved production level, and were successively identified as provincial specialized special new small and medium-sized enterprises and specialized special new demonstration enterprises.Now catch up with the market situation improved, we have to seize the Spring Festival opportunity, riveted to the full strength to do, the market can wait for no one!”Hou Jianfeng said with emotion.On the top floor of the workshop, we can see the construction site of guolong Pharmaceutical New preparation and biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, a key project of the province and the province, covering 155 mu.Power workshop, environmental protection treatment center has been built, large-scale three-dimensional logistics center is under facade construction, to be built by the characteristic raw materials and high-end preparation production workshop high tower crane has been erected……”After the completion of the project this year, more new products will be launched. In another year or two, Guolong pharmaceutical will truly become the ‘little giant’ of the domestic API industry.”Through the large glass window of the workshop, a ray of sunrise shines on Hou jianfeng’s confident face.