Souls of Hell is now available on Xbox console and PC as part of the Xbox Game Pass

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Class contra retro independent games “soul Infernax of hell” has been landed the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows PC sales, support the intelligent distribution.Game official support Chinese, support 4 k, 60 FPS +, Xbox Series X | S performance improved, is pure single single class work.Sync to join Xbox Game Pass.Infernax follows the adventures of a brilliant knight who returns to his hometown only to find it infested by evil magic.You must do everything you can to find and destroy the source of corruption.In the process, you have to face a variety of ruthless monsters, dangerous beasts and crumbling terrain.Every decision you make matters a lot when it comes to consequences.⦁ are you going to kill or help someone?⦁ are you going to use the experience you gain from killing monsters to increase health or mana, or to increase damage?Look before you leap, my friend.A single decision can change the face of the game.Remember what you did to that guy?The farmer, Piper, remembers.The face of Consequence keeps killing monsters, making money, and then going to the blacksmith and using the savings to buy better weapons and armor, arming himself and strengthening himself to kill more monsters!Every decision you make opens up a different side mission that gives you the opportunity to acquire powerful weapons and skills or money.Break into the castle, kill the bosses, and protect your hometown from the mysterious curse that afflicts more innocent people…In the end, only you can drive those monsters from the land called Upel, however you choose to do so.Do it your way, my friend…Game features: ⦁ Depending on the player’s choice, can achieve multiple endings.⦁ Challenging castle dungeons and numerous Boss battles.⦁ Many ruthless bloodthirsty monsters will try their best to kill you.⦁ offers an upgrade system that allows you to freely distribute your experiences along the way.⦁ You can purchase new items, unlock various skills, and make your path to breaking the curse go more smoothly.⦁ Dangerous and unique open world with many secret areas waiting to be discovered.⦁ Prepare yourself for a bloody journey.