Suzhou children experience traditional food culture with a loud oil eel paste test into the restaurant “experiment”

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From listening to history, look at the operation to taste delicious, yesterday, in Suzhou well-known restaurant Wu Men family, a ring oil eel paste shop experience class, by suzhou folk society food culture research institute secretary Sha Peizhi as the lecturer, unique experience class is full of cultural flavor,More than 30 middle school students and their parents participated in the research activity.”It is the first time for the suzhou food culture experience class organized by local students and parents to enter the store.”Sha Peizhi said, with the “search song Jiangnan” continued fermentation, with profound cultural heritage of suzhou food culture caused extensive attention, to attract many consumers “search jiangnan”.”From the beginning of January, I started to design and organize the research activity of ‘Journey in Search of Song’, and the members are the children from Suzhou who grew up together.”According to he Hui, the middle and primary school travel coach, in order to let the children have a deep understanding of Suzhou culture, the “Search for song tour” research activities including classical gardens, museums and other routes, friends circle many middle school students and parents actively participate.A famous dish of oil and eel paste entered the physics final examination of the second year of junior high school, and became the highlight of this “search for song Journey” research.High-tech zone experimental junior middle school second day student ZhuBinHao introduction, school finals to ring oil eel paste physical choice, the title is “‘ the ring oil eel paste is one of the traditional dishes in suzhou ‘ring oil’ taking the hot oil poured on eel paste on the surface ‘before it, let a person feel very strange, from the perspective of physics analysis, the main reason for the ring forming.”As soon as the exam was over, the ingenious question became a hot topic of communication between students and their parents. Some parents in the wechat circle even said, “Go immediately to ring the oil eel paste.”Suzhou children live experience ring oil eel paste “ring oil” production process.Reporter small circle photograph “many Suzhou baby to Suzhou culture, traditional diet understanding is not much.”He Hui introduced, a ring oil eel paste physics, triggered the “song journey” Suzhou food culture experience class creative.”Test the test questions in the store.”Sha Peizhi said that more than 10 years ago, she entered the Suzhou Folk Museum food culture exhibition hall founded the Wumen family, invited the suzhou catering master Shi Junsheng “lessons”, the first lesson is the production of glutinous eel paste.”Add garlic and scallions after the paste is cooked. Pouring hot oil on the spot is not only to remove the fishy, but also to increase the sense of ceremony.”Zhang Shuchao, the inheritor of suzhou’s weaving and cooking skills, introduced that a paste of oil and eel reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of Suzhou cuisine.”Search for song Jiangnan” is the icing on the cake of traditional famous dishes.According to wumen family statistics, suzhou cherry meat, squirrel mandarin fish and fried eel paste are the top three best-selling dishes in the store.Yesterday, Sha Peizhi delivered a special class on Suzhou food culture, from the history of Suzhou cuisine, cultural heritage to the essence of production, simple and easy to understand, students and parents listened with relish.”The first systematic understanding of Suzhou food culture.”Sun Hesimiao, a suzhou “little niang Fish” student in grade two, said that she found suzhou cuisine not only delicious, but also historical stories and cultural deposits through her experience.In yesterday’s experience class, suzhou chef also performed the classic suzhou dishes, such as Tibetan swordfish, palace lantern prawn, jinshengtan peanuts, Ulpa zhi si, red bean paste sugar porridge and so on, which fully displayed the unique charm of Suzhou food culture for students.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)