The number of confirmed passengers reached 34 and an Aeroflot flight was immediately cut off

2022-09-12 0 By

Pan Jinyu, reporter from China Civil Aviation News and China Civil Aviation Network reported: On February 10, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a circuit breaker order to immediately implement circuit breaker measures on Aeroflot SU220 flight from Moscow to Guangzhou.According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, a total of 34 passengers on Aeroflot FLIGHT SU220 (from Moscow to Guangzhou) that entered China on February 5 were confirmed with COVID-19. Considering that the number of confirmed passengers on this flight was more than 30, a total of 6 flights of this flight were suspended from operation immediately based on the previous circuit breaker order.The amount of felled flights shall not be used for other routes.The civil Aviation Administration of Russia required aeroflot to do a good job in follow-up flights to comfort passengers and ticket refund or change services.