The revenue of Meitu 2021 is 1.666 billion yuan

2022-09-12 0 By

On March 30, Meitu released its 2021 performance report. The total revenue in 2021 was 1.666 billion yuan, up 39.5% from the previous year, and the net adjusted net profit was 85.073 million yuan, up 39.7% from the previous year.According to the financial report, Meitu’s revenue from online advertising in 2021 was 766 million yuan, up 12.5% from the previous year.Revenue from VIP subscriptions and video SaaS(software as a service) reached 519 million yuan, up 146.9% from the previous year;Revenue from Internet value-added services was 81.673 million yuan, up 51.9% from the previous year;Revenue from IMS (Talent content marketing solution) and other businesses was 299 million yuan, up 20% from the previous year.