Viora Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.Deepen the global market layout of medical beauty energy source equipment

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In February and June, China Securities Journal learned from East China Pharmaceutical that Sinclair, its UK wholly owned subsidiary, acquired 100% equity of Viora, an energy source medical equipment company.Viora was founded in 2005, headquartered in New York, the United States, is a focus on medical beauty non-invasive and minimally invasive energy source equipment international chemical medical beauty company, with CORETM, SVCTM and PCRTM innovative technology, with the use of laser, intense pulse light and radio frequency, high pressure injection, microcrystalline skin and other advanced product portfolio.We provide high quality, economical and efficient non-invasive and minimally invasive solutions, covering anti-aging, body and face shaping and other fields.Viora sells products in more than 60 countries and has over 10,000 institutional users worldwide.An official at East China Pharmaceutical said the company has initially developed a marketing strategy in China based on Viora’s existing products.Viora is adopted, for example, its core product ReactionTM multi-frequency radio frequency CORETM technology, with three different treatment handle, has obtained the FDA approval, and in 2015 the state drug administration (NMPA) class iii medical device registration certificate, after being Viora equity to complete delivery,Huadong Pharma plans to quickly integrate Its reaction team into its own domestic marketing team and promote its reaction team.Viora has a wide range of products under development, covering the neck, chest and private parts of women’s professional equipment for shaping, tightening, lifting and rejuvenation of female body parts. It is expected to be launched in the overseas market after the second half of 2022.According to Huadong Pharmaceutical, this transaction is another important global strategic layout of Sinclair in the field of medi energy source equipment following Sinclair’s acquisition of Spanish energy source medical device company High Tech in February 2021.Viora’s existing technologies and products such as high intensity pulsed light, microdermabrasion and high pressure injection are effectively complementary to Sinclair’s EBD business product pipeline, realizing the full layout of energy source medical equipment products and basically realizing the coverage of mainstream technology of energy source equipment.East China pharmaceutical, after the completion of the transaction on a global scale will have a noninvasive + 30 balance field of minimally invasive medical beauty products, the products already on the market at home and abroad for 20, 10 balance in global innovation research products, product portfolio covers facial filler, buried lines, management, body shape, skin hair removal, private repair, and other areas of the non-operative class mainstream medical beauty, has formed a comprehensive product cluster,The number and coverage of products are in the forefront of the industry, and many potential products are expected to be listed at home and abroad in 2022, which will bring new growth momentum for the company’s global chemical, medical and beauty business.”Viora’s products have differentiated competitive advantages. This transaction further expands the company’s pipeline of innovative medical beauty products, which is in line with the company’s international development strategy and helps to consolidate and enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness in the medical beauty field,” said Lu Liang, chairman of East China Pharmaceutical.In the future, the company will continue to make steady progress in accordance with the established strategy of “global operation layout, double circulation operation and development”, strengthen the international industry expansion with The UK wholly-owned subsidiary Sinclair as the global medical beauty operation center, adhere to diversified business models such as independent research and development, external cooperation and equity investment.We will introduce world-class medical beauty products with high technological value into China, adhere to the self-management mode, rely on the company’s professional clinical registration and marketing team, and help the rapid commercialization of international high-quality products.Gradually realize the company’s medical beauty global strategic layout, is committed to building Sinclair into a world-class high-end innovative medical beauty enterprise.”