Want to feel light and luxurious?This one will definitely satisfy you!Cadillac XT4!

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Small capital light luxury new choice, multi-color outfit plus 48V light mix, configuration upgrade, 22 new XT4 officially launched, now let the price of up to 50000 yuan, welcome to click on inquiries!Spring to all things Sue, buy a car!Hubei Yikai spring car buying festival, live up to the good time, live up to the good season car buying multiple car courtesy, limited time to enjoy!Customers can participate in the lucky draw with a car reservation (Dyson vacuum cleaner, child safety seat, tent, Xiaomi TV…).XT4 exclusive gift, during the event, purchase XT4 rearview mirror gift package + diplomat business trolley box (first come, first served) free evaluation, replacement of old car and new car enjoy 5000 yuan cash +5000 equivalent points value gift to buy all Cadillac models,Only ten thousand yuan, 888 yuan can enjoy “Cadillac” insurance service purchase XT4 / XT5 hot style models at fixed lending rates 0 100000 hubei three-ring car 23 years in senior management, dongxihu district has superior Cadillac shop to provide free test drive, free consultation, new car buyers, extended warranty, decoration, second-hand car free evaluation, used car replacement/buy a new car, insurance agents registration,After-sales testing and maintenance, renewal and other services.Address: Building 3, No.167, Gexin Avenue, Changqing Office, Dongxihu District, Wuhan city