When frying celery, the most avoid directly frying and blanching, chef teach you a trick, crisp and tender flavor

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Dried celery and celery are particularly common ingredients in our daily life, they two match together to make delicious food is also very delicious, today to share with you a celery fried dried, so as to make the celery fried dried light nutrition, delicious.Dried celery is rich in a lot of plant protein, and celery contains a lot of vegetable fiber and vitamins, the combination of the two is very delicious, very nutritious, let’s take a look at the specific cooking steps of celery fried dried.1, celery fried fragrant dried, celery fried fragrant dried, garlic, ginger, spring onion, dried pepper, salt, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, edible oil, white vinegar 1, celery fried fragrant dried, so to make the celery fried fragrant dried is very delicious, light and nutritious, delicious and delicious, let’s prepare celery fried fragrant dried specific cooking ingredients.If prepare the right amount of celery, celery particularly big, ready to a tree, and then to prepare a small amount of cooking oil, 2 ~ 3 pieces of smoked bean curd, 3 cloves of garlic, a piece of ginger, a root spring onion, 3 ~ 5 root dry chili, don’t like to eat spicy friend also can not prepare dried chilli, and for just the right amount of salt, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, white vinegar.2, put out celery, we have prepared the celery leaves all take off, then cut celery root out, then cut celery into small pieces, celery, cut into small pieces after spare let’s put it in the tray, and adding suitable amount of cooking oil in celery, celery and cooking oil mix aside for later use.3, then we ready to take out the dried incense, the dried incense stacked together, and then cut into silk with a flower knife, the thickness of the dried silk to decide according to their preferences, but not too thick, too thick it is not easy to taste, taste is not good.After shred and dried, we transfer it to a serving plate for later use, and then we can deal with the other prepared garnishes.4. Slice the garlic, shred the ginger and chop the spring onion into a plate.Add the prepared dried chillies to a plate, washing and shredding them before placing them on a plate.Friends who do not like spicy food can not put dried chili here.Then prepare an empty bowl.5, Let’s put a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of white sugar, light soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce in an empty bowl, and stir them thoroughly with chopsticks, and then put them aside for later use.Add the right amount of water in the steamer, and then bring it to a boil, then put on the steamer steamer, put the celery section in the pot with a large fire and steam for two minutes, celery section steamed after first take out and put aside to cool.6, next let’s use boiled water to blanch dried incense, so that we can remove the smell of dried incense inside, and then let’s control the water out, put it on the plate.Pour the right amount of cooking oil into the pot, and then pour the onion, ginger and garlic into the fire to fry the fragrance, the fragrance out of the next into the celery section, the celery will be stir-fried with a high fire, and then put the dried incense in, and stir them evenly.Stir well and pour in the sauce. Continue to stir well. Add a little white vinegar to add flavor before serving.1, celery section should not be too big, dried silk can not be too thick.2. For the final cooking, we use a high heat.Ok, that’s all for today’s food. Welcome to Uncle Food, where you can find healthy and delicious recipes, cooking tips and making cooking really easy!Like friends can give me a free praise, thank you for your support!This article by “uncle food” original production, without permission, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, thank you for your cooperation!