You protect me against ice!”Zhejiang” to Lin ‘an young husband and wife fighting together

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“Pack up and leave binjiang at three in the morning!Although it was super cold outside, there was a super warm person who stood up in the rain to see me off!”At 3:51 am on January 28, Miao Chun, a nurse from The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lin ‘an District, wrote such a sentence on her wechat moments on the bus heading for Binjiang District.Currently, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Binjiang and Shangcheng districts of Hangzhou.After receiving the notice of the need to support the nucleic acid collection work in Binjiang District, Miao Chun signed up for it at the first time.Packed up, touched the face of the two children, Miao Chun under the escort of her husband sat on the bus to the front line of the epidemic.Miao Chun’s husband is an employee of Qingshan Power Supply, a state Grid power supply company in Lin ‘an District, Hangzhou. His wife is busy with epidemic prevention, and he shuttles between power lines in mountainous areas.”Dashan Village gaohong town has been snowing, 10 kv Shimen line temporarily no ice.”The state Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company of Lin ‘an District, where Tong Jian works, has launched a level iii emergency response against rain, snow and freezing.In order to let customers feel at ease during the Spring Festival, Tong Jian is also busy, checking emergency supplies lighting, generators, testing vehicle anti-skid chains, inventory of emergency supplies and so on.In addition, Tong also used drones to patrol the distribution lines at an altitude of more than 800 meters, and completed the inspection work of all lines with his colleagues before the coming of the snowstorm.”I may not be able to come back for the Spring Festival, have to stick to binjiang!”Taking advantage of the rare leisure, Miao Chun sent a message to Tong Jian.Tong Jian thought, “Take care of yourself!Waiting for your return!”This young couple, one side is the epidemic, one side is this year’s biggest rain, snow and freezing weather, both went to the “battlefield”, without fear.It is the winter vacation, the couple’s eldest son Zhuang zhuang seems to have been used to the Spring Festival parents are not around, obediently with his grandparents.”Mom went to fight the virus, and Dad is going to light the lights for everyone.”Tong Yan tong language, zhuang zhuang also understand that parents are fighting side by side.”You can do without worry, the child has us to take care of!”Tong jian’s father is an old employee who has worked in electric power all his life. He supports his son and daughter-in-law’s work very much.”There are 299 other comrades like me who went from Lin ‘an to support Binjiang. I feel a sense of achievement even though it is my duty.”Miao Chun said with a smile.It is with a small family like Tong Jianmiao Pure, guard hangzhou, warm Hangzhou, light hangzhou.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: