Yuzuru Hanyu is expected to retire next year after failing to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics

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The men’s singles free skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ended successfully on February 10.Chinese-american figure skater Chen Wei won the gold medal with 332.6 points.Talented figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, who had failed in the short program, finished fourth overall with 283.21, missing out on the podium.Hanyu missed her first two moves and crashed to the ice, then quickly got back into the game and excelled for the rest of the match.The men’s singles final, Hanyu yuanyu adjusted the technical difficulty, the opening of the axel quadruple jump (4A), it seems that the loss of the last match or to bring greater pressure to him.However, although he failed to challenge 4A, but this has been the closest to success.A netizen described Hanyu’s performance this time: he chose 4A between 4A and champion.For Yuzuru Hanyu, it is a risky choice to break through himself in such an occasion as the Winter Olympics, but he did not reserve for the final result. Instead, he boldly broke through his own limit, worthy of himself, which is also very admirable.”Hold a city you can’t hold and fight a battle you can’t win.With you add a few biography, this life a few success or failure also should laugh.”After the game, Hanyu fondly stroked the ice to say goodbye. Instead of being upset, he smiled freely, as if he had achieved his goal.On Feb. 8, Yuzuru Hanyu appeared at the Beijing Olympics and, despite stepping on a pothole in the ice that led to a false start, scored 95.15 to qualify for eighth place.Such a result obviously has a lot of resistance for Hanyu later competition, which means he will be in better shape to challenge the human limit axel quadruple jump to win the gold medal.Hanyu, however, didn’t let it get him down. He simply thought it was a bad day when he was confronted with a sudden change, and then went all out for the rest of the match, conquering the crowd with his perfect technique.After the match, Hanyu joked that he was annoyed by the ice today.This kind of open-minded attitude is very important for athletes, which helps them to stabilize their emotions and prepare for the competition.Yuzuru Hanyu, one of the most popular athletes in the Olympics, has always been respected and loved by Chinese fans.”The ice surface of the Beijing Olympics is the most comfortable I have ever participated in the three Olympic Games,” he said.The concept of “Olympic Games without borders” is fully displayed in him.During games, he would stand on the sidelines, cheering for the Chinese athletes.After song Nan, an outstanding Chinese individual skater, successfully attempted a quadruple jump, he excitedly rushed forward and hugged her in a circle.Yuzuru Hanyu saved an embarrassing moment at the medal ceremony of the 2017 Figure skating Championships when he noticed that Chinese athlete Jin Boyang was holding the red flag upside down.Hanyu’s care and respect completely broke through the hearts of Chinese netizens, so that we can see his warm and kind heart like a furnace.Even after becoming the first man to win a super grand Slam in figure skating history, yuzuru Hanyu was still unfettered by fame.When he was injured and stood on the winner’s podium, holding a cane to accept the award, he still did not forget to move his body hard, toward the second and third place, to applaud them.Yuzuru Hanyu also wanted to hold an umbrella for his juniors because he had been caught in the rain.When Yuzuru Hanyu had no success, he was questioned a lot. After many years, he proved himself with his strength. When his junior won him, Yuzuru Hanyu encouraged them, taught them carefully and provided them with help as he could.Yuzuru Hanyu seems to give all his tenderness to others, everything for others, all these years still like a green youth, the world gave him glory, he also unreservedly conveyed kindness.At 27, Yuzuru Hanyu is a senior figure skater, but he continues to challenge himself and contribute to figure skating. “Hanging in the balance” is a good word to describe hanyu.Yuzuru Hanyu will retire in February 2023. This will probably be his last Olympic competition, no matter where he is placed.Yuzuru Hanyu, as CCTV commentator Chen Ying said: “He is like a diamond-encrusted sword. Even if he is hidden in a bookcase made of gold nanmu, it cannot stop his dazzling light. Wherever he goes, he is the focus of the crowd.”Retirement is not the end of his career. From the day he stepped onto the ice, he was destined to leave a mark in figure skating history.