Car insurance tips to know how much compensation

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Speaking of car insurance, car owners are both love and hate it, although thousands of premiums are very expensive, but car insurance can really get certain protection in our vehicle accident.In this regard, there are many novice drivers think that as long as they buy insurance, they can rest assured to drive.Does the insurance cover everything if something really happens?Many owners have chosen to drive home, or to go out with their families to drive, and most of the owners of the trip are more than hundreds of thousands of kilometers, if the vehicle accident in different places, the owners should how to compensate?Here, for everyone to briefly explain a few major points to pay attention to the vehicle insurance compensation in different places: first, report a crime.Vehicle accidents, policy-holder to immediately call the helpline to report a case of insurance company, this is an important part of long-distance vehicles claims process, also relates to whether the owners can enjoy the claims service, generally speaking, in the traffic accident to be submitted to the insurance company within 48 hours, otherwise the insurance company shall have the right to refuse compensation.Up to now, basically all insurance companies have opened a national unified telephone report.However, it should be noted that due to the different operation modes of the service platforms of various insurance companies, the acceptance methods and procedures of cases are also quite different.Survey and loss assessment.After different occurrence accident is out of danger, fixed loss also is very fastidious.At present, there are two kinds of loss to choose from.The first is the local loss, the local loss is a more common way to determine the loss of vehicles out of insurance in different places, by the acceptance of the local insurance branch directly complete the survey, loss assessment work.The second kind is to choose the place where the insurance policy is located to fix the loss, if the choice is to fix the loss of the insurance policy, it is necessary to report the case in advance and obtain the consent of the insurance company, otherwise it is likely to be treated as missing the reporting period by the insurance company.The above two damage assessment methods are not mandatory. If the accident loss is large or casualties occur, the vehicle must be completed in the local survey.Three, maintenance.Originally relatively simple accident car maintenance, in the case of remote danger, also need to be taken seriously again.Many car owners in different places after the insurance, in the absence of insurance company loss, choose to repair, so often can not get insurance claims.On the premise that the vehicle damage does not affect the normal driving function, it is not recommended that the car owner repair on the spot, if conditions can be opened back to the insurance policy according to the repair shop stipulated by the insurance company repair.Because the quality of car maintenance is difficult to guarantee, once the need for repeated repair, the owner may need to travel between two places.Settlement of claims.After processing vehicle problem, get reparation namely, to this, apply for to get on the spot and return seat of guarantee slip to get two kinds of means.It is understood that most owners do not affect the trip to choose the latter (back to the insurance policy location for).According to the national auto insurance compensation rules, the owner of the car back to the place of insurance, can rely on the claim materials to the branch claims.But if the owner is in urgent need of this compensation, can also apply for compensation in the ground, but must belong to the scope of rapid compensation.Nevertheless, the different place of afore-mentioned car insurance process of compensation suits the insurance company that can compensate countrywide only, otherwise still should go quite complex program or cannot get compensate, suggest everybody before choosing to buy insurance, ask clear place to buy car insurance whether to support countrywide compensate, the insurance company that chooses to be able to compensate countrywide as far as possible undertakes protecting.I remind you that you should pay more attention to driving when you go out for a self-driving trip. Even if you buy insurance, you should be responsible for the safety of yourself and your family.Another point to note is that if the insurance period is not out of danger, the next year’s premium can be significantly reduced, many owners in order to reduce their premiums for the second year, have developed the habit of safe driving, which is also a good way to improve our driving safety awareness.The event will run from February 16, 2022 to February 20, 2022