I am on the job for Spring Festival

2022-09-13 0 By

The first day of the New Year of the Tiger is a warm moment for family reunions.Walking into the Library of Ningshan County, you can see the readers come to choose books and magazines from time to time, enjoying the comfortable feeling brought by quiet reading and learning.To this end, the library staff enthusiastically gave readers flowers, bookmarks and other small gifts.Ningshan Library will not close during the Spring Festival. On the first day of the Spring Festival, we have prepared a beautiful gift for our readers. We wish them a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.Going to the library to read books has become a common choice of many residents during the Spring Festival.Many readers come here to relax and recharge their batteries.This morning, I opened the wechat official account of Ningshan Library, and I saw that there was an activity, but I couldn’t find what it was.I came to the library, and the staff gave me a flower, and a very beautiful fu, thank you very much.Just borrow two books, ready to enrich their spirit.